Print and Cut Adds Dimension

The Print and Cut feature of the Make the Cut software is a very versatile tool for my 15″ KNK Maxx Air.  When I needed to create a greeting card for a card swap, the design I came up with included four different Print and Cut elements.  One element was placed on the front of the card on 1/8″ thick adhesive foam squares.  The second element was glued directly to the inside of the card so the card would still close flat.  The third and fourth elements were printed with the Print and Cut feature but the cutting was accomplished on a manual paper cutter since these elements were the outside and the inside of the card and were printed back to back on the same piece of cardstock.

This card swap theme was “Funny Cards”.  Although I think mine is a bit more corny than funny, it was fun to make and MTC’s Print and Cut feature helped me to add some dimension so the card wasn’t just a flat printed piece of cardstock.


Front-Optimized Inside-Optimized Materials Used:

White cardstock


15″ KNK Maxx Air

Red cap blade (standard material), Force – 70, Speed – 85, Single pass


Since I wanted to print both the inside and outside of the card on one piece of cardstock, I had to do some experimenting with the positioning of the images on the mat in my MTC software to have them line up correctly.  Also I had to learn how to correctly re-insert the cardstock into my printer once the first side had been printed.  Here are screen shots of the MTC files that I used for the inside and the outside of the card.



Although you can see the image of the Print and Cut doctor on the screenshot of the front of the card, that was not actually printed on the card.  The image was there so I could get the placement of the images that were printed in the proper positions.

The Print and Cut elements that were actually cut were the doctor and the duck’s bill.

PNC Elements-Optimized

When the card was opened and the duck’s bill lifted, the message under the bill could be seen.




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  1. So cute! I still haven’t tried print and cut. I keep thinking I will wait until I get my new Maxx Air and learn to use MTC…if that day ever comes. :O)

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