Pretty Paper Balls

Looking for a unique hanging decoration idea for your party?  Klic-N-Kut/Zing owners can easily whip out “Pretty Paper Balls!”  These paper balls are inexpensive to create and are relatively easy to fold after a little practice. No adhesive necessary!  Twelve independent pieces are required to create one ball.  The cutting file can easily be resized to make this project as large or as small as you desire! 

The Pretty Paper Balls pictured were created as a display at the Bazzill Basics Paper booth for the Craft and Hobby Association trade show this month in Anaheim, California.  Imagine the possibilities!  You can cut them from cardstock weight double-sided printed paper.  Stamp on them (prior to assembly).  You can add sequins and/or glitter! 


Remember that there is a top, a bottom and then two levels of 5 components for each ball.  What worked best for me was completing both halves (top + 5 pieces and bottom + 5 pieces) and then connecting the top and bottom half. 

Supply List:

Bazzill Cardstocks – Ebony [15-1080], Apple Crush [5-5128], Cream Puff [8-804] and Sydney [7-712]

And the cutting file for the paper balls can be downloaded from here:

Paper Balls in .KNK, .PDF, and .MTC formats

You can view more projects that I have created with my 15″ Maxx Klic-N-Kut in the KNK Gallery on my website at:  Susan Mast Designs




20 thoughts on “Pretty Paper Balls

  1. OOOH neat! I like these things. Once my wife sees these, I’ll probably be cutting boatloads of them! lol

  2. O my this brings back memories. I remember making things like this in grade school. So much pretty now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Susan, another fabulous masterpiece to add to your growing collection. They will make
    great party decorations. Thanks for sharing the file. I miss taking your classes b/c your
    creativity is so unique.

  4. Sooooo Pretty. I do make a hydranga flower that looks a lot like this. Thanks Susan they are great

  5. These are sooooo pretty….! LOVE them and will make the for my daughter’s baby shower. THANKS!

  6. Wow! These are great. I can envision them in colors to accent my room, in my antique wooden bowl.Love them.

  7. Thank You, Susan for the beautiful “Blossom Balls” and the files to make them! I agree with Lynn, they look like hydrangeas. Great Job!

  8. Fun! We made these for the kids at the Nutcracker party in red, white and green. It kept the older ones busy trying to figure out how to put them together.

  9. I am soooo drooling over this…but may have to buy that type of bike someplace first LOL. VERY nice.

  10. was looking for a holiday project for my group thank you for some inspiration toward my goal..

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