25th Anniversary Banner with Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

pressure sensitive vinyl

This gorgeous 25th Anniversary Banner was decorated with Pressure Sensitive Vinyl. I found out that the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl material is ideal to decorate on any smooth surface. I have already used it on glasses, paper, plastic, and even on a bride’s hair bow; with this material (http://teamknk.com/beautiful-bow-beautiful-bride). This time, I placed it on a banner which was comprised of Glossy Photo Paper. Also the banner has two 25 cut out pieces of card-stock, on top of the card-stock they have the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl as well.

Let’s do it using the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl:



  • F = 25
  • V = 100


  1. I designed the banner using GIMP
  2. Once the banner was printed, I measured the 25th.
  3. Using the same font used to make the banner, I wrote the 25th in MTC.
  4. Then, I made the font the exact size of my banner as well as making two smaller 25th’s to put on every side of the banner. .
  5. After that, I cut the 25th using the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl.
  6. I also cut the smaller 25th out of card-stock, so they stay hanging on both sides of the banner..
  7. Then, using the hot glue, I glued ribbon all around the border of the banner.
  8. I glued a piece of ribbon to the smaller 25th cut out and on top of that I add the 25th cut out with the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl to cover the ribbon.
  9. Then, I glued the top of the ribbon that is having the card-stock, allowing it to hang on each side of the banner.
  10. Finally, using a different ribbon, I made two bows to place on the two top corners of the banner.


7 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Banner with Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

  1. For some reason the link originally took me to the lovely wedding now you made! Do you have a link to the free bow you found on the internet? I assume you only removed part of the backing so that the loops wouldn’t stick to itself? Thanks 💗

    • Thanks carol for the question. I just went to google search and typed, “free bow template.” From the corresponding results I chose the one I liked best. Because the bow I traced was from a free site, I am not sure if I can share it without permission. But if it is good to share, I am going to ask if it is allowed, and If there are no problems I will send you the file at night as soon as I get home from work. Please, send me your email.

      Regarding your second question, yes I did remove some of the backing. however it was just the two ends that would be overlapping as well as the center piece that makes the “bow” shape. To clarify, the loops still have the backing.

    • Thank you for this question, Nancy. I totally forgot to mention that. Because it was just two numbers, I did them separately. Hence I did not use transfer tape, however you are more than welcome to use it. Just make sure that the tape does not touch the glossy paper. If the tape touches the glossy paper it may lead to tearing, i would avoid the risk, but feel free to try it. One idea that I have used in previous projects is to use the clear transfer paper and before applying it to the delicate surface spread some baby powder to the sticky part of the tape that will be touching the material. That way the tape is not too adhesive to the point of causing damage. But you have to account for the piece of tape that will be attached to the table, a small section should not be getting any baby powder, in order to correctly.place the pressure sensitive vinyl designs (In this case the numbers).

      I have found that sometimes clear transfer tape does not work well with the pressure sensitive vinyl. Though, lately the masking tape has been working well But I heard that the rhinestone transfer tape works well too, however i have not tried it yet.

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