Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra

All that sparkles!

Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra is so much fun and so beautiful! I could totally see a “Frozen”-themed project with the light blue, white and silver!!!! Hint, hint – someone has to want to do this!!!

I don’t have young children to make projects for anymore, so I took a more practical approach. And along the way I discovered two great ‘features’ of this new vinyl product.

The first thing is that it doesn’t interfere with haptic buttons so it can easily be used on phones and tablets, and the second thing I discovered is that it gives a somewhat sandpapery surface which definitely helps with keeping a grip! If only I had back all the money I spent on cell phones that I’d dropped – I could buy more Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra!!!!

20150227_231908_opt 20150227_231916_opt

Doesn’t my phone look gorgeous?


  • Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra
  • Rhinestone Transfer Tape
  • Thick Material Blade (blue cap)

Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 60
  • v = 250
  • p = 1


  1. Create your design in Make-the-Cut or KNK Studio
  2. Cut the vinyl using the appropriate settings for your machine
  3. Weed the extra vinyl
  4. Apply Rhinestone Transfer Tape and pick up the cut design
  5. Apply design to object using a squeegee to ensure good contact
  6. Slowly peel off the Rhinestone Transfer Tape
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I am the proud mother of 2 grown children, waiting for grandchildren some day. I've been married to my best friend since 1988. I have been crafting since I was a girl - I can't even remember a time when I wasn't creating something, and I've tried nearly everything. I discovered KNK in 2009 and have loved the company and its products ever since. The machines are so versatile and enhance my own creativity. It is rare that I make something without my KNKs.

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