Pomp and Circumstance

This is the time of year that we hear that familiar song.  To me it signifies many things – accomplishments, the end of one part of a life, the beginning of a new part of a life, a heady rush of freedom, and also a bit of sadness for all the good things and friends that are being left behind.  I always want to stand up and do that slow, measured walk when I hear it.

A friend’s son is graduating from high school this year.  She told me about some things she wanted to make for part of his graduation celebration.  Then because my brain has a tendency to go off on tangets, I added something else which she liked as it turns out.

She wanted to make name tags for her son’s relatives that would be attending his graduation and his party.  The tags would include a picture of her son at his kindergarten graduation and the relationship of the relative.  For example, a tag would say “Tommy’s Grandmother”, or “Tommy’s Mom, or “Tommy’s Uncle Bill”, and so on.  You get the idea.  I told her that would be a great application for my KNK Maxx.  I started designing, borrowed some kindergarten graduation pictures, had several discussions with MTC regarding Textures, and ended up with what you see in this photo.

Graduation Party Name Tags

The tags are made with papers and ribbons that are the school colors.  They main part consists of three layers:  the shaped back, a PNC photo shaped a bit smaller than the tag back, and a shaped frame to finish it off.  A shaped ‘ribbon’ was cut from matching paper and a rectangle cut from the second color.  Names were added using vinyl since it is so easy to work with.  The shaped photo part and the  paper ‘ribbon’ are joined by 2″ lengths of 7/8″ ribbon in the school colors.  A pin back is glued onto the back of the photo section and it is finished.  Of course the name tag for “MOM” needed to be a bit special so rhinestones were added to give it some bling.

 Since there is to be a celebration of the graduation (read ‘a party’), I thought that it would be fun to have a special invitation.  There are always official invitations to the graduation ceremony and announcements of the graduation so why not an ‘official’ announcement/invitation for the celebration.  Here are the pictures of what I designed for that. 

This first picture is of the front of the card.

Grad Party Announce/Invite Front

It has a rather formal, antique theme since this will be such a special occasion.  The scroll was created using the PNC feature of MTC.  The ‘gold’ seal is a cut piece of cardstock enhanced with gold embossing powder.  The ribbons are the school colors.
As you begin to open the card, you see this.

Grad Invite Sneak Peek

This time the photo is an official senior photo and it appears that he is wearing his mortarboard.  As  you continue opening the card this is what happens.

Grad Invite Open

The thought was that it would appear that the graduate has thrown his mortarboard into the air as is the custom at many graduations.  Just a bit of fun after such a serious beginning on the front of the card.

Files for the name tags and the invitation/announcement card can be downloaded from the link below:

Name Tags and Announcement Card 





18 thoughts on “Pomp and Circumstance

  1. LOL…Excellent grad card!! Love the name tags….I think I might borrow that idea for the family reunion!

    • Thanks, Rhonda! My KNK Maxx and the KNK Studio and MTC make it easy to create special projects.

  2. Very nice, Judy. I expecially like the pop-up grad hat with the tassel. Kathy’s idea of using the name tag idea for a family reunion is another great idea for using these files. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank You, Lynn! I like pop up elements in cards. I think the surprise makes them a bit of fun. Kathy’s idea for using the name tags for a family reunion is great. They could be used for most any kind of reunion. Glad you liked my post.

    • Thanks ladies! 🙂

      When I saw these tags, I thought right away of our up coming fam reunion. My mom was the oldest of 11 and had passed away 3 years ago, and so this is the first reunion without her. I was thinking of making buttons so that the remaining 10 siblings and of course myself, my hubby, and kids, brother and sister can “bring” her to the party. 🙂 🙂 It will of course bring some tears, but it will be a good thing.

      Thanks Judy for the fantastic post!

      • What a beautiful idea, Kathy. I think it would be a great way to honor and remember your mother. I am sure she will be missed very much but will still be there in your hearts and memories. Many blessings to you and your family.

  3. I loved the pop up grad hat. The name tags are a unique idea that will get lots of attention.
    What a fun way to celebrate this graduate. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

    • Thank you, Lynn! I appreciate your kind comments. Also appreciate you checking out the TeamKNK site. I hope you find lots of inspiration here.

  4. VERY NEAT! The name tags could also be done for a card by itself by putting graduation pics of all family members….aunts, uncles, parents, grands etc, and siblings of course, and cousins too! That would make a unique card perhaps? You ladies who submit these ideas are sooo talented! TYFS!

    • Thyanks, Joan!! Good idea about the card. Please post if you make one. Thanks for checking these out.

  5. These look great! The name tags are fun, and the grad cap looks awesome 😀 What a fun card. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

  6. Thank you, Chad! It is a great honor to be a part of the TeamKNK. With the KNK Maxx, the KNK Studio software and the MTC software, the possibilities are endless!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! It was a bit of fun for a somewhat serious occasion.

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