Poinsettia Holiday Decor – Gemstone Metallic Vinyl Project with a Free File!

Poinsettia Holiday Decor…sigh.

I really, truly tried to make something for Thanksgiving. I thought about it and thought about it – but nothing boiled to the surface. Please understand, we just moved into our new house and I have not yet been able to unpack all of the boxes in the kitchen or bathroom, let alone my craft room. I will be so happy when everything is organized but for now I have to accept my limitations. Luckily I went shopping with my mom a few weekends ago and therefore had some things on hand to create this Christmas project. And Mom was here to help, which made the project all that much more fun – Yay!


Materials Used:



  1. Cut the pieces for your poinsettia using the free file (below). There will be 5 layers.
  2. Use clear transfer tape to easily layer the pieces largest on the bottom, to smallest on top.
  3. Apply to the item(s) you want to decorate.



The Gemstone Metallic Vinyl is really spectacular! I just love how it sparkles, even more than gemstone car paint!


Poinsettia File – download here.

7 thoughts on “Poinsettia Holiday Decor – Gemstone Metallic Vinyl Project with a Free File!

  1. Wow, these look so pretty and professionally done, way to go Michele…thanks for showing and sharing! Hope you get yourself settled soon, I hate moving, so can relate to how that feels!!!

  2. Michele, these are so beautiful. I just love them.
    So happy to hear you are in your new house and you got your new job. Life is good.

  3. Gorgeous!!! Cngrats on the move. It will take some time to get everything in its new place.

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