Pocket Card

Want to make a personalized card that has double “oomph”?  This pocket card may fit the bill for you.  The outer “Pocket Envelope” has a cutout design in it, and the inner card a smaller decorative cutout to match the pocket theme.  You can vary this theme to customize for your specific needs.   This posting shows two examples of the card.

Both pockets are made from Glamma Natural Vellum, 53 lb.   The inner card is made from Wausau Smooth Finish 65 lb. cover.  They were cut out on a 24″ Maxx with a standard red cap blade from Accugraphics.  Paper comes in many sizes.  Larger sheets can let you cut multiple cards out at one time.  This vellum  comes in a 25″ x 38″ format, which is what was used here.  One can easily cut multiples with this size so as not to continually load paper.

Recently my music loving, iPod addicted niece,  a huge hockey fan of the LA Kings,  graduated from high school.  I designed a an iPod with her name on the screen, and the King’s logo on the iPod button (sort of looked like a big hockey puck to me!).  The inner card had a musical note on the peep through pullout section.


Sammi Card


Don’t be afraid to play and design.  That’s the beauty of the software that comes with the KnK.  Here is the same pocket card, with a different design.  It’s a  Thank You card, with “Thank You” on the outside  pocket, and a decorative flower cutout on the internal card.


Thanks! Card

Want more info on  how the pocket card was designed?  Here’s a link to YouTube for a video tutorial that can guide you through the steps so you can design and make your own.

There are a couple of interesting techniques provided:  score cuts vs. regular (through) cuts,  node reduction and welding.  Take a look and let me know what you think.



23 thoughts on “Pocket Card

    • Hey Nancy- Sammi was thrilled to have her own “Kings” cards. She is a die-hard fan, been going to the games since she was 2 weeks old.

      • I agree with you completely. However, I wish she would give us the option of saving the video.

    • Thank you, Lynn. I hope the video is helpful. I’d appreciate any feedback on it, as I was thinking of doing another one for the next posting I do. Not sure if they are worthwhile or not. I will enable downloading of the video, OK?

    • Well Susan, that is quite a compliment coming from a very talented artist like yourself. I like to try to think of the negative space in a design when I make something.

    • opps, fingers aren’t working this morning. Should have been “cards”.

  1. Elizabeth,
    Love, love, love this card. I was so impressed with the video but wish I could have made it larger. These old eyes just don’t see as well as they used too. I really liked it when you zoomed in as that made it so much easier to see what you were doing.
    Once I figure out how to run my Groove-E, I’m going to give these cards a try. Thanks again.

    • Lynn, this has now been posted to YouTube, see link above. You can blow it up to full screen. Hope that helps!

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  3. This idea is adorable! What is the font for the “thanks”? Thanks 🙂
    love hugs and prayers

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