PNC Pop-Ups

I think Print and Cut (PNC) is a very fun technique that can be used for a lot of different applications.  For today’s post I’ve combined it with another fun technique – Pop-Up cards.

I wanted to make a get well card for a dear friend who had just had surgery and one for an upcoming birthday.  The theme “Poppin’ In” was stuck in my brain.  I searched the internet for free pictures of popcorn and also of jack-in-the-box toys.  When I found several of each that I liked, I saved them.  Then I took them into the Make the Cut software and pixel traced them using the Texturize and Blackout functions.  I chose two different pictures so I would have different views for the front and inside of the cards.  Both of the images for each of the cards fit on a 5″ x 7″ piece of photo paper.  This picture shows the Jack-in-the-Box images on photo paper with the registration marks.


This was loaded onto the mat, the mat inserted into my 15″ Maxx Air and the Print and Cut process was started.  As you can see in this next photo the position of the laser light needed to be adjusted so it was right on top of the registration mark.


Using the arrow keys on my keyboard I moved the mat so the laser light was covering the dot of the registration mark.  When I am looking at it with my eyes rather than through the camera as in the next photo, the laser light seems to be almost swallowed up when it is right over the black dot rather than the large red dot as in these two photos.


After cutting, the two pieces looked like this.


Now it was time to prepare the card itself.  I wanted to have writing that looked nice on the front and inside of the card.  I put a felt tip pen in my Pen Tool, selected a font that I liked, changed the Plotting Defaults in my KNK Studio software to indicate that I was using a Pen instead of a Drag Knife and also selected Sign Blank in the Cut box.  Then I selected my text and sent it to the machine just as I would have for a cutting design.  It is very important that when you are performing multiple operations (writing, scoring, and cutting) on the same piece of cardstock that you use the Sign Blank option in KNK Studio or the WYSIWYG option in MTC to keep everything in its correct position.  This is a photo of the pen tool in action.


Next I used my Embossing Tool – the smaller end – to score the fold lines for the Pop-Up mechanism on the inside piece of the card.  Finally, I inserted the blade holder with the blade, changed the Plotting Defaults/Tool to Drag Knife and cut the card pieces.

To cover up the hole created by the Pop-Up mechanism, a second piece of cardstock is used as the outside of the card.  On the portion that was to become the front of the card I used the Maxx to write more words on a separate piece of paper, used my sewing machine to attach that separate piece of paper to the cardstock and glued one of my PNC cutouts to the piece of paper.  When it was complete, the front of the card looked like this photo.


With the outer and inner parts of the card glued together, the Pop-Up mechanism looked like this.


You can see the hole that it created that needed to be covered up.  When gluing the inside and outside pieces together, take care to not get any glue on the Pop-Up mechanism.  This mechanism is offset from the center of the card due to the shape of the PNC piece that was attached to it.  The inside of the card when finished looked like this photo.


Since the little clown had his arms held out, I decided he could hold a sign for me.

The second card, the birthday card, was constructed in the same way.  The following two photos show the front and inside of the card.



The following settings were used in the making of these cards:

Cutting Cardstock:  KNK Studio Software, Plotting Defaults/Tool=Drag Knife, Plotting Defaults/Cut=Sign Blank, F=55, V=100, Red Blade, Blade Height=25 PIN

Cutting Photo Paper:  MTC Software, Cut Type= Print and Cut, Offset=0.75, F=98, V=55, Multi-Cut=2, Blue Blade, Blade Height=25 PIN

Writing with Pen:  KNK Studio Software, Plotting Defaults/Tool=Pen, Plotting Defaults/Cut=Sign Blank, F=3, V=175, Pen Tip- 1/8″ above paper

Scoring with Embossing Tool:  KNK Studio Software, Plotting Defaults/Tool=Pen, Plotting Defaults/Cut=Sign Blank, F=80, V=100, 2 Passes, Blade Height=25 PIN

Use the following link to download a basic Pop-Up card cutting file.

Pop-Up Card_JudyKay

24 thoughts on “PNC Pop-Ups

  1. Judy, Judy, Judy….. What a great looking pair of cards. You did an excellent tutorial and even though I don’t have a Max Air. (May have to get one.), I think I can do something similar on my machine. Where do you find your inspiration for the card sayings? I always look for clever stamps but to have the machine write the sentiment would be wonderful.

  2. Adorable! Too bad I don’t have any little kids in the family anymore, but I bet I can find some kids at church! I have to do something similar for one or two of them!

  3. Pop-up card fun! I really need to make some of these. I’ve been saying that for awhile now! lol

    Thanks for sharing, Judy!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your file and the inspiration that you provide for us to use it in new creative ways. You have a great imagination and are very creative. Thank you again.

  5. I love the way you combined these techniques. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are great cards! I should have known when Conrad received the popcorn card that there was another in the works…and possibly a tutorial. I love all the detail and specifics in your tutorial. Great job! This is a wonderful reference when using the cutter for multiple applications on the same project.

  7. Judy, another fabulous project for us. I loved the cards as I love Jack-in-the-Boxes too. I loved the colors you chose for your cards, and the font. I am beginning to see what a BIG plus it is to have the laser eye for the PNC. You’ve given us yet a broader way to use our KNK’s for doing several different things at the same time when doing our projects. Thanks for the file and tutorial. These projects were spectacular.

  8. OMG….both cards are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing how to do with us too.

  9. Very cute, as always ! Love the two different projects from the one theme. I too, noticed that the laser light gets swallowed up by the registration marks. It is the one way I know for sure that I am on the dot lol

  10. Great! I love how you used so many facets of what the KnK does on one project. You have a lot of patience! My daughter used to have this same Jack in the Box…

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