Plate Set


Omayra, KNK, Personalized Plate


I wanted to make a personalized gift for someone very special. Because I own a KNK cutter machine, I decided to make something special, different and unique for that special person. That’s why came to my mine to make a Personalized decorative plate. With this you can make a  Set of 4 small plates, 4 Large plates, and 4 cups to be used in the kitchen. That is a plate from the Dollar Store and when you do the etching the plate looks like a very expensive one.


Settings (Groove-e):

  • f = 15
  • v = 250
  • p = 1


  • First, make the design that you want to apply to your plate
  • Then cut that design using your cutting machine and vinyl
  • Apply the etching cream using the instruction on the bottle
  • Remove the etching cream and wash the plate
  • If you are doing a Plate set, do the same with all of them