Place Card Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner and here’s a way to add a little something special to your table setting. Everyone can find their place at the holiday table with these fun ornament place cards. A personal version of an ornament holder and an ornament made just for your guest! The ornaments include a Star, Bell and Stocking. I used a silver foil card stock for the holder and card stock for the ornaments. Christmas cardstock for any part of this would be so cute. You can also embelish with glitter, rhinstones or glitter glue. I used 2 passes on my Maxx with a force of 110 and a speed of 350. I wrote the names using my Zing Pen Holder with a gitter pen – worked great, by the way! I selected a font I liked and used a different color from the ornament. I did this so when I Color Filter that color for processing, it will be “cut” or actually processed/written first. Then marquis selected it, moved/placed the name on the ornament and then shrank it down to fit on the ornament. Then I marquis selected the entire ornament which included the name, clicked on the cutting command, clicked on the color filter, clicked on the SAME COLOR AS THE NAME and made sure I had my Zing Pen Holder and pen ready to go. The Maxx did all the work. Once the name was written, I changed to my blade holder and blade, clicked on the SAME COLOR AS THE ORNAMENT and clicked cut. Make sure your write first BEFORE your cut. Check out Santa’s favorite website for the latest and greatest cutting files at Sandy McCauley’s site at – Mrs. Claus wouldn’t anywhere eles! Ho, Ho!

20 thoughts on “Place Card Ornaments

  1. Love this! What paper did you use or did I miss it since I’m reading while getting kids out the door to the bus!? Is there a file for this for sale some where? Love hugs and prayers

  2. I love this, it is wonderful and I am def making for my Thanksgiving table going to use leaves for my place cards!!!

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