Pinch wheel care and maintenance

Oh, bugger – I dislike having to fix things and to maintain things when I am so very busy! I know you are busy too, but we all reluctantly accept the fact that everything needs a little bit of TLC now and again.

Well, my oh my, were my Maxx‘s pinch wheels sticky. I’d recently gotten out the large 24″ x 28″ mat to do some projects. It was originally made to be very sticky because I’d been using it to cut fabric. Now, however, I was cutting paper and the rollers were pressing right onto the mat. Besides the extremely annoying tacky noises that it was making, it was really starting to gum up the pinch wheel rollers. And THAT was causing my mat to skew when one of the outer rollers was gummed up and riding directly on the mat.


Wow, that was pretty bad! I even had some bits of paper and vinyl stuck to some of them. Dirty2_opt

Time to get out the un-du and clean those babies up.


I happened to have some cheesecloth hanging around from Halloween projects, so that seemed like a good tool and it worked great. I put a little un-du on the rolled up cheesecloth and rubbed it across the rubber wheel until it looked smooth and clean.



One last tip:  If you get any little fuzzies on the gritty metal rollers at the bottom, simply use some masking tape and blot them off.

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