{Pikachu! I choose you!

I had a regular scheduled post and then I picked up another day, just because I didn’t want you to be project-less on Friday. Not a great way to start a weekend.

Those of you with mini-yous or mini grand-yous, specifically boys, know what these weird things are:

Well, those of you in the KNOW, know these as Pokémon. By the way, pronounce it Poke-E-MAWN (like you are Jamaican and saying, “hey mon!”) If you pronounce it Poke-E-Man, you will be very quickly corrected. Not that I know this by experience or anything.

Those of you who are card makers know it is hard to make cards for Men because most men, and I’m being stereotypical here, but I think it’s true, don’t appreciate fu fu cards. They want MANLY cards. And for men that like the fu fu cards, that’s okay too. I think boys are kind of the same way. Once they get past the cutesy Thomas the Train or whatever it is little boys like these days, they are kinda tough to make cards for as well.

My boy child and his friend love Pokémon. These damn, I mean darn, cards are all over my house. He had his Pokémon piles on the living room floor and let me tell you that socks and those cards (well, and me) aren’t a good match. I slipped on one of those things and nearly landed flat on my back. Luckily no one saw, though I’m telling you about it now. Don’t get me started on the klutzy things I do. I’ve been told many times that I’m an accident waiting to happen and it’s amazing that the only bone I’ve broken so far in life is my baby toe (twice). And I’m sooo knocking on wood right now because I don’t want to get bad ju ju. Murphy’s Law has a way of getting me when I make statements like that.

So I got on the internet and found this site:


And she had the SVG files of these Pokey-things already made. I imported into MTC and drew a shadow around the base layer. Then I mirrored it, flipped it, welded it and voila! Had an easy shape card for a birthday present.

I added some Stickles and this is kind of funny…

See the burn marks around the tail and around the one Stickle area?


We were kind of in a hurry, so I got it in my mind that if I just used the heat gun, the Stickles would dry faster and well, I guess I used it for a little too long.

I decided to leave the burn marks because A) The kid is 9 and probably doesn’t give a rat’s patootie B) I’m lazy and we were late for the party and C) Apparently Pokeydudes do battle so I figure this Pikachu guy can have a little battle scars to show he was a battled Pokeydude.

I stamped “Happy Birthday” inside, added a little twine, a gift card/money and called it finished.

So it’s just kind of cool how you can take something totally weird and make it into something unique and personal that a kid will like. If you are limited to a machine that only uses cartridges, you’d have to hope they make a cartridge for the object you are looking for and you might end up paying $30+ more if you only want the one image. With MTC, you can get a spectacular trace on web images or you can hopefully find the .svg where someone has done the work for you.

Have a fantastic weekend and (in my best Terminator voice) I’LL. BE. BACK.

Uh oh.

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16 thoughts on “{Pikachu! I choose you!

  1. What an excellent idea! I judt love how easy MTC and my Zing make truly personal gifts, cards….anything …so simple! TFS

  2. So much fun! What a great little card for a 9 year old! I am with you on “perfection”. I am human, therefore none of my cards are perfect.

    • whew! I almost hated putting it out there, but I keep it real. I figured it added to its charm and it made for a funny story.

  3. I have grown-adult friends who still love these little guys. Well, physically they are adults. Mentally — That’s another story 😛

    Great project and post, Deb! Thanks for Sharing.

  4. once again, a hilarious story! my son loves these things too…. although so does my 23 yo girl LOL

  5. You crack me up. That is a quick and easy card and a great idea for all those different characters like these days.

  6. You are too funny Deb! “Yea……it’s a battle scar…yep, that’s what it is!” HEHEHE
    You always have fun ideas!…keep up the super work!

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