Phone screen protectors – clearance bin SCORE!

I have a habit of picking up things from the clearance bins – that I just know I’ll use some day. Well, my DH goes through cell phone screen protectors like there’s no tomorrow. This $0.50 clearance bin find has paid dividends!

20160101_205123 (687x1024)

I took the old screen protector and washed all of the chain saw wood shavings, hay, straw, sand, etc. from the screen protector. Then I shot it with a little spray paint so my scanner could see it.

20160101_125627 (536x1024)

It was an old can, with barely any paint left in it but the dark speckles that resulted didn’t affect the quality of the scan at all.


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 80
  • v = 225
  • p = 2


  1. Remove the old screen protector and clean off any dirt/hair.
  2. Paint with spray paint and allow to dry.
  3. Scan to .jpg file.
  4. Pixel Trace in Make-the-Cut.
  5. Clean up the design as needed.
  6. Cut the phone screen file.
  7. Add a label so you know which side goes on the phone screen (following the original instructions).
  8. Apply to phone.

20160101_125627 (1024x773)

You can whip up several of these at a time, to keep on hand for the next time one is needed.

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2 thoughts on “Phone screen protectors – clearance bin SCORE!

  1. So clever. If anyone watches Alaska, The Last Frontier, I often think of all of the things that they could do with a KNK. It is amazing how many things we can replace, like punches and stamps in our craft rooms, and then when you look around and start things like screen protectors. These machines truly pay for themselves.

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