Personalized tags in a snap! I mean a button.

I have been quilting for just about a year now (like I need another hobby – lol). I got started with quilting so that my mom and I could craft together whenever she is staying with us, but found that it is very relaxing and enjoyable. I use Make-the-Cut to create my quilt top designs (when not using a store pattern). Since I am so familiar with the software, it makes this step very simple!

For Christmas almost all of my gifts were handmade. I tried and tried to make nice, embroidered and sewn tags but I failed miserably. I just couldn’t get the words to turn out legible. I’ve used iron-on vinyl for my mom’s quilts in the past, but as of yet haven’t used it on any of mine. Well, I recently had the opportunity to play with some Shrinky Dink material, and inspiration struck!

Here is one of the mini-quilts I made for Christmas gifts:

20151219_163357-1 (2) (1024x584)

I decided to make some cute little buttons using shrink film to add to my quilts. They can become part of the quilt top design, or I can tuck them in a corner on the back side. The first step was to decide the size of the button I wanted. Shrink film shrinks in half so it is easy to then double the desired ending size to create the cut file. I then added the wording, and used my Maxx Air to write on the shrink film with an extra fine Sharpie. Next, Maxx cut out the buttons and I embellished them with some permanent splash ink. A few minutes in the oven, and Voila!


Here is the Maxx in action – you can see I didn’t have my Sharpie correctly adjusted when I started. I hit the pause button, resolved it, then let the Maxx continue.

20160101_153044 (1024x630)

Settings (Maxx Air):

As an afterthought, I added the year by hand. I also added some extra lines with the Sharpie to make it look like that slash across my shrink film was intentional. Then I splashed the back of the buttons with color – cool pool, gold shimmer, silver shimmer, and cranberry.

20160101_162502 (1024x679)

A few minutes in the oven at 325°F and they were good to go. The buttons are 3/4ths of an inch across and 1/16th of an inch thick.

20160101_163156 (1024x577)

Finally, I added buttons to my quilt projects.

20160101_195136 (1024x942)


  1. Design your button in MTC. It needs to be twice the final desired size.
  2. Insert the pen tool with the marker core, and ‘write’. Remember to set offset to “0”.
  3. Replace the pen tool with the blade holder, set the offset for the standard blade you are using, and cut.
  4. Color or embellish as desired.
  5. Use a heat tool or oven and heat to 325°F. The shrink film will curl up and then lay flat again – that is the indicator that it is ‘done’.
  6. Attach to fabric.

I love that I have a practical and creative new use for my Maxx Air and the Shrink Film that has been on my shelf for, oh, quite a while!

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8 thoughts on “Personalized tags in a snap! I mean a button.

  1. Michele – that’s an awesome project, thanks for the great idea for “home-made” buttons, love it!!

  2. This is one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen! I would never have thought of this. But you now have my wheels turning. My daughter sews for my granddaughter and these would be adorable embellishments. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness, Michele! That is such a great idea. And…. I love your quilt, by the way. It makes me want to get out my sewing machine!

    • Thank you! I just love this pattern – I made four of these for Christmas presents, plus I used single snowmen for other, smaller wall hangings.

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