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As you can see I LOVE to work with Fun Foam. This project is really simple and was great to make with my wonderful KNK Groove-E. The Hello Kitty image is a free file from the MTC Gallery and I added the name of my granddaughter. First I typed out the letters in the font I wanted to use. These letters were to be cut from white. Then I added a yellow outline (Shadow Layer) of the name to put behind the white letters. Then I selected the yellow outline and the Hello Kitty image and made a pink outline (again using Shadow Layer) of both selections together. This resulted in one large background cut for gluing both the Hello Kitty shape and for gluing the yellow outline layer. Then on top of the yellow outline I would add the original white letters.

Before gluing, however, I colored the edges of the fun foam. As you can see, I also added glitter to the edge of the first level of the project and the second and third leyers I just colored with markers of the same color as the fun foam. Then I embelished it with a flower that was cut with my KNK Groove-E. The center of the flower is filled with glitter.

My next project is going to be a centerpiece for a boy baby shower or birthday made out of fun foam!

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16 thoughts on “Personalized Name

  1. Omayra,
    That is just stinking cute. You always do such neat things with foam
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Omayra! Are you just over the moon with your grand daughter? She is one very lucky little girl. She’ll pick up fast that you can make anything with your cutter, and then watch out!!

    • Oh yes Elizabeth. My grand daughter has been a Beautiful gift from God. She is really important and special for me, so can you image all the things that I alreade have done for her? I love that princess so much.

  3. Hi Omayra
    These are gorgeous.. I am new to this and am about to purchase a KNK Maxx
    seeming you have worked alot with fun foam are you able to tell me does the machine cut 2mm thick fun foam accurately and cleanly?
    I myself am looking to work with alot of fun foam and I have seen some of the gorgeous things you have created and thought you would be the best to ask
    I really appreciate it

    • Hi Flyncoln, I have a TERRIFIC KNK Groove-E and I love it so much, thanks to Sandy. The machine cut really, really nice the fun foam. Believe me, you are going to love the machine and will love it more if you are going to cut fun foam. If you have any question about that, just let me know. If I can help you I will do it with all my heart. Do not think twice to get your KNK Maxx, Sandy can help you with everything regarding the machine, too.

      • fantastic thank you very much!!!
        I cant wait for my machine to arrive now 🙂

    • Hi Omayra
      I have my Klic N Kut Maxx 24 now and am loving it!!! but i have a few questions about the blades for foam
      We have been using the Sliver 2 blade for heavy materials from Skat Katz here is Australia.. but it seems once we have used it for a day or so it starts to tear the fun foam. When using a brand new blade it cuts perfectly, but doesn’t last long.
      Do you or anyone else have this trouble? I need to figure this out as I am doing a lot of work for kids parties and don’t want to buy new blades this often.
      Also which Roland blade do you use for Fun Foam and thick materials?
      I would really appreciate any feedback on this

      • Hi Flyncoln:
        I use the blue cap blade from and I don’t have to buy blades so often. Maybe the blades that you are using is different or it is not for that kind of material. Sincerely I have no idea what is happening to you but mine work perfectly and I have done ans I continue doing so many projects out of fun foam and the blades still work good.
        Make sure that you are not putting too many pressure to your blade that maybe is caising any damage to the point of your blade. The pressure that I use is 25 or 30, depending How long the blade is out. I hope this can help you. But no, I don’t have that problem.

        • Hi Omayra
          Thank you very much for your reply… We use pressure 35 with the blades… Ill get some more blades and just try a few different things.
          Appreciate the help

  4. Looking through the projects again, I kept coming back to this one! That Hello Kitty always catches my eye! lol
    I have a great niece that would probably love this on her bedroom door…of course change the name!
    Thanks for the inspiration again Omayra!

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