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Omayra Duarte, KNK, Personalized

This time I wanted to decorate a table for our BEAUTIFUL granddaughter. I found the table at a garage sale for $3.00. The table was all painted with markers and crayons. As soon as I saw the table my mind was blown and full of ideas on how I could cover the table for Our Little Princess and because I have a WONDERFUL machine called KNK Groove-e, I said “yeeessss, that is going to be so much fun”. The table came with four different color chairs that I did not want to change, so I took pictures of my granddaughter with clothes that I knew would match the scheme of the table set. She looks absolutely ADORABLE.

Michele and I went to Accugraphics and we bought a TERRIFIC new material called Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex. Ok, below is the step-by-step on how I did this project.



  1. I painted the whole table.
  2. I measured the table to determine the sizes I needed for the pictures and the vinyl.
  3. I cut a border with my granddaughter’s name “Carlea” but I cut each letter ‘in relief’ inside a flower using the Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex vinyl.
  4. Then I applied the border to the table and printed the pictures.
  5. I glued the pictures to the table with Mod Podge and put Mod Podge on top of the pictures as well to ensure they would not peel off.

Post 2 23 0 6. Then I cut her name out of regular vinyl to cover an empty space that was in the corner of the table and blew some glitter on top of the table for a better look.

Post 2 23 1

7. The last step was to mix resin with a hardener and pour it on top of the table so she can eat and put her cups without damaging the photos.

Post 2 23 2

Now she has a personalized table that all her friends will admire! AND because of the resin it will last her a long time and will be super easy for me to clean!!




10 thoughts on “Personalized Kid’s Table

  1. LOVE IT! What does the pressure sensitive glitter flex do? It is like a glitter sticker instead of heat pressed? I have never used it but am curious! I love photos too!

    • Thank you for your comment, Carol. Pressure Sensitive is a vinyl that do not need a heat press to be applied. It is very easy to work with and it looks very pretty because it is full of glitter. I love glitter, lol.

  2. Yes, Orietta, she is our first granddaughter and the only girl in the whole family. So you can imagine how spoiled she is. Thank you for your comment

  3. Lovely project, from the heart! She is a wonderful little girl, and with your loving family will become a wonderful lady some day!

  4. I’m assuming KNK sells it? Is it removable from the wall like wall vinyl or would it ruin it like I did when I applied NON wall vinyl to the wall :\

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