Beautiful and Personalized Glass Gifts for Valentine’s Day

personalized glass gifts

Beautiful and Personalized Glass Gifts for Valentine’s Day. I am already getting ready for Valentine’s Day. I decided to make some personalized glass gifts for my family as well as myself, lol. While I was doing the gifts for my mother and sister-in-laws. I said, “heeey!” why not to make a glass of wine for myself. So I did a wine glass using some vinyl and two different fonts. But believe me, that glass of wine is just for decoration because I do not drink… LOL. Using the design that I made with the first letter of my name (initial) in a dynamic font followed by my name in regular print, I also made a notepad to match the glass. But the notepad is not for decoration, lol.

The other gifts are two candle holders glued together. The design images were chosen from the MTC Gallery.

Materials to make the Personalized Glass Gifts:


  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 1.5
  • P= 1
  • CD = 20
  • UP= 25
  • PS= 24
  • CS= 35
  • LS= 40


For the glass of wine:

  1. First, I chose a fancy font to write the initial letter of my name.
  2. Then, I chose a different font to write my name.
  3. To that name, I  added shadow
  4. After that, I put the shadow on top of the initial letter and highlighted both.
  5. Then, I clicked the icon Boolean Join and chose the second button (B-A Difference). What this does is that it gave me a gap so the name is not going to be on top or touching the vinyl of the initial letter.
  6. Once everything is done and ready to cut, I then cut them using the respective color of the vinyl.
  7. Then, I applied the clear transfer tape first on top of the name and then on the initial letter matching the place and the shape that the shadow made.

For the candle holder:

  1. I visited the Gallery from MTC and chose an embellishment and the word Love.
  2. Then, I resized it and put in the place that I thought would look good.
  3. After that, I wrote the letter “U.”
  4. When everything was the way that I like it, I sent the design to my machine to cut.
  5. And then, I applied the clear transfer tape and placed it on the candle holder.

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