Personalized Diaper Bag

Personalized Diaper Bag, Omayra Duarte, Omayra, KNK, KNKusa

This Personalized Diaper Bag is a Wonderful and Unique gift for a mommy to be.

Materials to make this Personalized Diaper Bag :

Settings KNK Groove-e:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150


  1. I just choose a butterfly file from MTC and imported it into SCAL5 to write the name of the baby.
  2. When I was happy with the design, I then cut the HTV with my KNK Machine.
  3. After that, I pre-heated my regular iron, using the wool setting.
  4. Then, I placed a piece of wood inside the pocket of the diaper bag.
  5. I placed the HTV on the center of the diaper bag and pressed with my iron for 15 seconds.
  6. I removed the protection sheet and repressed with the Teflon sheet for two more minutes.

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