DIY Personalized Baby Hangers

Personalized Baby HangersIf you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, why not make some personalized baby hangers. I purchased these wooden hangers online and used intermediate outdoor vinyl to add a special touch.


  1. Wooden Hanger
  2. Intermediate Outdoor Vinyl
  3. Transfer Paper
  4. Blue Capped Blade
  5. Ribbon
  6. Make the Cut software

Personalized Baby Hanger

Settings for KNK Zing:

  1. Force – 15
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1


  1. Find designs that will work for a small space as the hangers are not very big. (You can import my “Bi-Plane” design from the MTC gallery.
  2. Add name if desired.
  3. Cut design, and weed.
  4. Apply transfer tape. Adhere to hanger and remove transfer tape.
  5. Rub vinyl thoroughly to make sure it is adhered very well to the hanger.)
  6. Tie a ribbon around the top of the hanger.

Personalized Baby Hanger

It doesn’t get much easier than that! And…. they make a simple but darling baby gift.



4 thoughts on “DIY Personalized Baby Hangers

  1. Hello, they are so cute! I was just wondering why you used the blue capped blade for vinyl? I thought the red capped was recommended? If you get better results I’ll try blue.

    • Hello Donna. Good question. I like to use the blue-capped blade when I am cutting small or intricate designs. It just seems to do best with tiny details.

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