Personalize a Serving Tray

Photo of Christmas Tree with gifts.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

I found these “galvanized” metal serving trays with the seasonal items last summer at Walmart. The price was right so I picked up a couple and put them away. I thought they’d be great to personalize for gifts.

Personalized Rectangle Tray The rectangle tray is for our son and daughter-in-law. (They will be opening it this morning). An arrow represents each child with their name and year of birth. It includes a verse from the Bible (Psalm 127:4) that speaks of children being like arrows. The round tray is for us. It has the year we were married on it as well as one of my designs. I added the reference to a Bible verse on that one as well. 20151217_142355

  • Materials:
  1. Metal Tray
  2. Intermediate Outdoor Vinyl
  3. Clear Transfer Tape
  4. Masking Tape and/or Non-Permanent Marker
  5. Red Capped Blade
  6. Make-The-Cut Software
  7. Cutting file or SVG
  • Settings for KNK Zing:
  1. Force -15
  2. Speed -10
  3. Multicut – 1
  • Steps:
  1. Cut and weed vinyl
  2. Apply transfer tape
  3. Photo showing how to Mark the CenterUse masking tape or non-permanent marker to mark horizontal and vertical center of tray. On the rectangle tray, I found the centers, marked with tape, and then drew a line with a sharpie pen horizontally. That made it very easy to line up the center of my design.
  4. Carefully line up design and apply to tray. (Wet method can be used, but you will have to use paper transfer tape rather than the clear.)
  5. Burnish firmly with credit card or hard squeegy.
  6. Remove transfer transfer tape.
  7. Check for bubbles and remove them.

Photo showing transfer tape mishapI have used vinyl often, but still run into “mishaps” occasionally. I was in a hurry when I applied the transfer paper and ended up with quite a mess. The transfer paper was bubbled and terribly wrinkled, and I was tempted to scrap the whole thing. However, I had spent quite a bit of time weeding the vinyl and didn’t want to have to start over. I have learned from experience, that most “uh-oh”s can be salvaged with a little time and patience.

I ended up slicing the transfer paper where it was wrinkled, and overlapping where possible, as you can see here. It ended up less than perfect, but since it was going to be for me and not given as a gift, I was okay with it. I had designed dots all the way around the design, and I ended up with many of them missing. But I think it just added to the vintage appeal.

Photo of finished trays with vinyl

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you enjoy a blessed holiday season.






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  1. Very nice! Thanks for being brave enough to share the mistakes so we can all learn your hard earned solutions!

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