Personalized Travel Kit

Personal Travel Kit Set

I had to travel to Puerto Rico, so I decided to make my own Personal Travel Kit set. To do this I used the printable vinyl from KNK USA and I LOVE IT!!!. Because these bottles were obviously going to get wet at some point, I used my printer with ink that is water resistant. I had created wine labels with this printer and these bottle have been inside my fridge for about one year and the printing still looks great! So I decided to use it with the bath bottles. If you do not have a printer with water resistant ink, I recommend that you cover the sticker with transparent mailing tape.

Okay, these are soooooo simple to make:

** Design your label in Make The Cut (or import using the Pixel Trace function) and print your art work with your inkjet printer using the printable vinyl from KNKUSA. There are free videos on tracing linked throughout Chapter 6 of the Make The Cut user manual.

** Click this phrase: print and cut to follow the instructions on how to perform a print and cut in Make The Cut.

** Peel and stick your printed labels onto each bottle that corresponds with the label. The printable vinyl has a really great adhesive, so they will stick very well.

As you can see, the printable vinyl looks great on any surface and allow you to label and personalize everything!




14 thoughts on “Personalized Travel Kit

  1. what a great idea! my son, wife and 2 gd’s are going to Mexico for vacation next month. this would be an excellent idea for going on vacation gift for them. thanks for sharing your great idea!

  2. They are very cute, how did the security people like them?? LOL I was amazed how they went through my stuff.

  3. I do a lot of traveling and this idea is GREAT. The old Sharpie markers eventually wear off so this is a great alternative. Thanks for sharing.

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