Patriots Cooler

Patriots Drink Cooler

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and that this year comes full of Blessings and Beautiful things for everybody.

My husband, my sons and my brother are Big Fan of the Patriots. Every Season they want something with the Patriots logo on it. This time they bought a drink cooler and wanted me to add the logos so whats better than my using Wonderful KNK Groove-e machine to make some awesome logos. So, with some vinyls, transfer tape, MTC and my Lovely KNK Groove-e, I was able to make their coolers look awesome. This time I wanted to make the Logo using the different colors that it has. I always do the Logo white but not this time.

My Brother wanted his cooler a little bit different. He wanted the word Patriots bigger and without the white background, what I think looks pretty too.

Patriots Drink Cooler2

So here is how I did them;


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • F = 20
  • V = 200
  • P = 1


  1. I used MTC to trace the patriots design and to cut the project
  2. Because this time I cut the design in different colors, I have to layer them to form the logo. So on every layer I draw and cut two circles, that will be my guide at the time to layer them.
  3. Apply the Transfer tape on top of the vinyl that is going to be the top of the logo, in this case blue. With your guide, place the blue vinyl on top.  Then add the red vinyl next to the blue vinyl forming the logo.
  4. Now, apply the blue and red vinyl on top of your white shape and the logo is done.
  5. Clean the garment with alcohol
  6. Apply the decal
  7. The same will be done with the word Patriots if you want it with the white background.

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  1. Nice! I have a stainless steel water bottle I’ve been meaning to decorate – I think you’ve inspired me to get to work on it!

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