Patriotic Hurricane Lamp – Free SVG

Patriotic Hurricane LampWith Memorial Day weekend upon us here in the U.S., and July 4th celebrations not far off, I decided it was time to think about some appropriate decor. I opted for a patriotic hurricane lamp, since I have had this glass sitting for quite some time, just begging to be “vinylized”.

I used a file I recently designed. Help yourself if you’d like the “America” SVG.

  • Materials:
  1. Glass hurricane lamp
  2. Intermediate Vinyl (I used Red, Light Gray, Blue, Yellow, Bright Green, and Dark Gray.)
  3. Transfer tape
  4. Blue capped blade
  5. Make The Cut software
  • Settings for KNK Zing:
  1. Speed – 10
  2. Force – 18
  3. Multicut – 1

Measure the circumference of your glass

  • Steps:
  1. Measure the circumference of your glass to determine design size. My lamp measured 17 inches. I made the “America” about 6.5 inches, and the string of pennants half the circumference.
  2. Make sure glass is clean and dry.
  3. Apply transfer tape and peel backing.
  4. Cut and weed vinyl.
  5. You may want to duplicate some of the flowers, etc. to add to the pennants. I also duplicated the string of pennants so that it went all the way around the lamp.
  6. Re-size as needed. (You might also need to use shadow layer for some parts of the drawing if the details are too small for the size you are cutting. I found some of the smaller pieces were just too small for the size of my project.)
  7. Import SVG into Make The Cut.
  8. If desired, add stones, sand, or other filler to bottom of lamp.
  9. Add a candle… and celebrate America with your patriotic hurricane lamp.Patriotic Hurricane Lamp





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