Paper piecing gone vinyl


I had a friend send me a picture of a poster and she wanted me to duplicate it for her daughter’s classroom. The problem for me was it had children super heroes and I wasn’t sure how I would duplicate that part of the poster. So, when in doubt, Google. And I found an old friend,Miss Kate’s Cutables. She has awesome files, they are very reasonable, and if you sign up she has free files on a regular basis.


IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4303

I love the way it turned out!



transfer tape



red capped blade

speed 400

Force 45

I love paper piecing but it is time consuming and gluing tiny pieces and achieving a clean look is difficult. “paper piecing” with vinyl is still time consuming but so simple. Using the clear transfer tape allows you to place the vinyl so it lines up perfectly! The vinyl was placed on a 12″x24″ piece of wood cut by my Home Depot guy. It was then spray painted with Rustoleum 2X paint. I allow the paint to dry for 24 hours and then lightly sand it before applying the vinyl.



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