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These angels are construced from light weight card stock.  They were cut on my KNK Maxx and assembled using glue and a sewing machine.  Gold vinyl was cut in the shape of the herald trumpet to add an accent.

Each angel is 7″ tall and requires three sheets of 12″ x 12″ card stock.  The file can be enlarged to make angels of many different sizes.  Reducing the size of the files might make the horn and candle too small and fragile. 

I had fun creating these angels from the basic shapes in the KNK Studio software.  The head began as an oval, the torso, a rectangle with rounded corners, the skirt as a triangle, and the trumpet as a rectangle and a triangle.  Of course, there was a lot of node editing along the way.  The wings and arms were drawn free hand with the pencil tool. And again, there was a lot of node editing.

The sewing machine is used to attach the layers of the skirt to the “core” of the angel (three layers of cardstock which is glued together).

I envision a parade of angels across a mantel, a shelf, or up a stair way.

An instructional pdf file and cutting files (KNK, MTC, AI, and EPS) are available at this link:

Paper Angels Cutting Files




38 thoughts on “Paper Angels

  1. These angels are stunning. I can envision them with silver glitter paper and some copic coloring.
    You are a genius, Judy. Thanks for sharing the file. My laptop bit the dust but as soon as I am able to
    get another one, I’m going to be a busy girl trying out new files.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    • Thanks, Sandy! I am happy to share my files. Thank you for all your support and for posting the files.

  2. Those are so elegant. White marble paper would make them look like statues. I love them you are so clever.

  3. Our Christmas tree is still missing a topper. One of these angels would work well! Thanks Judy!

  4. Oh my, I cannot begin to imagine the time you spent on this one! I love it, but not familiar enough with zing yet to attempt something that difficult…and something tells me the assembly would be the hardest part. You are truly gifted!

  5. Thanks for sharing this file. I’ve only just bought my Zing, but I’ve downloaded the file – never tooooo early to start planning for Christmas!

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