Painted tiles…

So I found this really cool website: and downloaded a file and decided to make a coaster.

So even though the Zing is pictured here, I actually used trusty old maxx to cut the vinyl and I reversed weeded it and placed it on the tile.


I had bought a box of Sharpie oil based markers awhile back and I hadn’t had the chance to use them so I felt like this was the perfect project to give them a go.


They color on the tile so nicely. It comes out looking like paint, rather than a marker. You have to shake them a whole bunch to get them started, but I really liked how vibrant the colors were.

I let it dry for a bit and then peeled the vinyl off:


You can see a couple areas where I may have peeled the vinyl off too soon, so it’s probably a good idea to wait longer than I did to peel it off. All in all, I like the look. It’s kind of a stamped look and when you run your fingers over it, the paint dries kind of raised.

I will definitely be trying this with some more images as it was relaxing and enjoyable to do.

Machine used: Maxx 24″


4.25×4.25 white smooth tile

sharpie oil based markers



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