Magnet Easter Bunny Note Pad Using Foamy

Magnet Easter Bunny Note Pad Using Foamy, KNK, Force

This is a Magnet Easter Bunny Note Pad Using Foamy that I did to put in the Easter basket of my granddaughter.

What do we need to make this Magnet Easter Bunny Note Pad Using Foamy?

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Blue Blade
  • Force = 25
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Magnet Easter Bunny Note Pad Using Foamy:

  1. I traced the face of a Bunny and its hand, then cut the pieces in my KNK machine.
  2. Once, I had all the pieces cut, I shadowed the borders with acrylic paint.
  3. Then, I glued all the pieces together.
  4. Between the last layer and the bunny, I glued little rolls of foamy to make the bunny looks 3D
  5. Finally, I put a magnet at the back of the project so she can place it on the fridge.

Stay tune to this website. My next post will be the step by step on how to make the pen that will compliment this beautiful note pad.


Esta es una libreta de conejito de pascua con imán, que le hice a mi nieta para ponérsela en la canasta de pascua.

Los materiales que necesitamos para hacer esta libretita con imán son:

Ajuste para la KNK Groove-e

  • Cuchilla Azul
  • Force = 25
  • Speed = 150

Paso a Paso:

  1. Primero, tracé la cabeza de un conejito y su brazo y luego corté las piezas en cortador digital KNK.
  2. Una vez tuve todas las piezas cortadas, le dí una sombra a los bordes con pintura acrílica.
  3. Luego, pegué todas las piezas.
  4. Entre la última capa y el conejo, pegué unos rollitos de foamy para que el conejito luciera 3D
  5. Finalmente, Le pegué un imán a la parte tracera para poderlo pegar a la nevera.
  6. Once, I had all the pieces cut, I shadow the borders with acrylic paint.
  7. Then, I glued all the pieces together.
  8. Between the last layer and the bunny, I glued little rolls of foamy to make the bunny looks 3D
  9. Finally, I put a magnet at the back of the project so she can place it on the fridge.

Quédense pendiente a esta página web. Mi próximo proyecto será cómo hacer el bolígrafo que complementará esta hermosa libretita.

Many Thanks

You can never have too many thank you cards, right?

I needed some cards and I needed them quick. I’m a teacher and I am always needing thank you cards. I saw this design at and I knew it would make a perfect card. The problem is, it needed four different colors. I’m starting to use vinyl a whole lot more on my cards. It’s easier to weed and it’s easier to stick and a whole lot less messy. I am sick of seeing my glue marks all over my cards. The vinyl just looks and cuts cleaner.

Anyway, I realized I didn’t have any brown or red vinyl and so I thought, what if I just used markers and colorthe vinyl the colors I wanted it to be? Well, guess what? It works. And it looks pretty good. I used paint pens, the ones that you use for rocks or other surfaces and I used matte white vinyl. I’m not sure if it would work as well on shiny vinyl, but hey, I wasn’t sure this would work and it did.

I did learn it is easier to color after you weed because you can see the image better and you can sort of ink the sides of the cut pieces so you don’t see white after you weed. I did it both ways and this way was clearly better. You do have to wait a bit for the ink to dry and I even thought about giving it a little spray with acrylic to make sure the color sets. I didn’t for these cards, I’ve been rubbing my fingers all over it and none is coming off.

Anyway, I’m sure someone out there has thought of this idea, but it sure worked for me in a pinch today!


110# cardstock for card base, matte white vinyl and paint pens (I got these off Amazon).


Zing with SCAL: used vinyl project setting

red blade

Pay it forward

I have been fortunate. I can’t even tell you when I first bought my KNK. I know it has been well over 10 years ago. When our youngest son joined our family 32 years I had to quit my job and stay home to care for him because he had significant health issues. So our family of 7 learned to live on one income.
I saved for a long time to be able to purchase my first KNK. When I first starting making plaques with my KNK every roll of vinyl was a major purchase. But every penny I made went back into materials, and now I have an over abundance. I decided to pay it forward.

The county that I live in has a Relay for Life, a walk to benefit cancer research. My second son was diagnosed with stage 3 malignant melanoma 6 years ago. The treatment he had nearly killed him, but he survived! And the list of friends and family members who have battled cancer is unfortunately too long to list. So I decided this year to make plaques for our local relay and have them sell them at the relay and have the money go toward cancer research. I have spent about 1 month, on and off making over 60 signs. Here are some of them.

The designs are both purchased and my own designs. I hope that each and everyone of you who are fortunate enough to have their own KNK pay it forward in some way. Make a plaque for a benefit, send a card to a friend. It doesn’t have to be 60 plaques, just something to brighten someone’s day.





clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 500

Force 36

Send a card

Did you ever send a card to a complete stranger? Thanks to Facebook, I have sent a few. A couple of weeks ago there was a request to send a card to a WWII vet for his 102nd birthday. He hoped to get 102 cards. I sent one and it turned out to be one of over 10,000 cards he received. How awesome is that!

This card was made for a little girl named Emma. Emma is 7 and has terminal cancer. She wants to get cards from your pets. Well, my 2 dogs and one cat would not cooperate so I took charge. I actually had this card made, minus the “Hi Emma” so it was as simple as adding Hi Emma from vinyl.

This was a My Scrap Chick purchased file. I simply cut the cat from cardstock, used chalk to shade the face, a white paint pen to do the details, and assembled. Paper piecing is therapeutic! The Hi Emma is vinyl.

If you want to send Emma a card, here is her address for cards.




clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 450


120 cardstock

36 vinyl

Decorate Your Own Clothes Using DecoSPARKLE (Video)

KNK, DecoS{ARKLE, Omayra,

If you LOVE Sparkles and you have a digital cutting machine, why not Decorate Your Own Cloth Using DecoSPARKLE? Or if you have old clothes which you want to make look different, this is a good way to do it. In this case, I decorated jeans with DecoSPARKLE. Because it was an old pair of jeans. I also cut it to make it short. But this is a really fun project.

Materials that I used to Decorate Your Own Clothes Using DecoSPARKLE were:


  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150


  1. This is a file that I found in MTC and brought it to SCAL to add some flowers and butterflies.
  2. Then, I measured the area of the pant where I wanted to place the design. And I made the design that size.
  3. I cut the DecorSPARKLE in mirror image
  4. After the machine cut the heat transfer material, I then preheat my pant.
  5. Then, I placed a teflon pillow between the fabric of the leg of the pant. So my hem does not prevent my heat press to press my design flat.
  6. Then, I placed the design on top of the pant, covered it with the Teflon sheet and pressed it at 300 degree for 12 seconds.
  7. Finally, I had to put the pant aside until it cool down, due to the DecoSPARKLE material having to be removed when cool..

Then, I ended cutting my pants and making turning them into Shorts, LOL.

Click here for a step by step Video (Has clik aquí para ver el video del paso a paso)