Our family has expanded by four paws

Hello. I think I’ve mentioned this, but last June, my daughter and I started fostering kittens for the San Diego Humane Society. Over the months, we fostered 22 kittens. Unfortunately, two passed away, but it was a good feeling that we were able to help 20 kittens find their homes.

The day after Christmas, there were 5 puppies available. I had never fostered puppies, but decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, we lost one the first night and the rest were not doing so well. We got them on antibiotics and well… let’s say that these guys have thrived. They were nearly a week old when I got them, eyes closed and had to be bottle fed every three hours, kept warm and had to be stimulated to go to the bathroom.

Tomorrow they go get spayed and neutered and then go to their forever homes. I found them all homes, so I will get to visit and get updates. And well, one is going to stay with us.

My daughter started an Instagram account (@sdfostermoms) if you want to see Lucy’s sister and brothers (Sally, Charlie Brown and Linus)

and the kittens we fostered.

So I designed this little sign to use for our “little announcement.” I kind of messed up because the sign turned out blurry in the picture, but I’m an amateur, so still learning.

I used SCAL 5 and my mac. Hooked up the Zing-a-ling and it was so easy! I just used the “vinyl wall decal” setting. Unfortunately, I cannot get my KNK Maxx 24 to work with SCAL. I hope to fix that soon, otherwise it has just become a very big paper weight because I no longer have a PC. I may have to upgrade Parallels, but I’m hoping to get it to work.

I actually designed this file, looking at some ideas I found on the Internet. It’s a SCAL 5 file. Please use it for personal use only. I used Kimberly Geiswein fonts, so I believe you have to buy a commercial license if you would like to use her fonts for things you sell.

I cut it out with white vinyl. It fits on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (I used black chalkboard paper) and then mounted it on a 9 1/2 x 12 piece of chipboard.


Zing; SCAL 5, vinyl wall decal settings



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  1. That is one adorable puppy and sign! Any idea of the breed/breeds? We also have a Lucy, a 14 year old Yorkie.

    • I just saw this! No.. We think there is terrier, sharpei and rottie mix… but she has very short legs, so we aren’t sure.

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