Oooooh, Scarrrrrry!

Halloween Bat Place Card 2013

Halloween Ghost Place Card 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Place Card 2013

It’s a monster mash-bash! The guys and ghouls will scream with delight knowing where they will rest to dig into their juicy late night bites. Do not be startled if these markers suddenly disappear!!!! Lore has it that they will reappear in scrapbooks! Mysterious, but true!! So, take a deep breath, seek out perfect specimen of cardstock. On a mat sticky with cobb webs, I secured my cardstock sacrifice and awoke Maxx, my robotic assistant. His “hand” is merely a socket. Hideous, I know. So I screwed a “pen holder” into his socket and commanded him to write the creature’s name first. Once done, I inserted a very sharp cutting blade into the socket, Maxx hummed with delight as he cut into the cardstock without hesitation! He loved it so much, he cut it twice!! Oh, the horror!! Oh, the gleeming blade!! Oh, it really turned out really nice….oh, wait, I mean…eeeeeeeek! Maxx used his mechanical force of 100 with his lightening speed of 350! Wow! As I carefully lifted the cutting, I was mad with triumph as the experiment was a success!! This will appease the spirits and please the creatures. I wish you a very happy haunting this Halloween and don’t forget to party down…waaaaay down! Bwaa-ha-ha!

20 thoughts on “Oooooh, Scarrrrrry!

  1. I loved your story. How very creative. It tweaked my Halloween macabre. I also liked the plate. I was wondering if the “stuff” surrounding your main images was from a file or if you just designed them yourself? Kids will love them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was looking at your plates again and it looks like there are several layers in your name cards. At first I thought they were one layer, but a closer look at the name shows a couple more layers.

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