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Since Christmas always seems to arrive sooner than my completion of all the projects I’ve thought I would accomplish, I’ve made a file that can be used in many ways for lots of projects.  Since my 15″ Maxx Air is capable of cutting lots of different materials and my KNK Studio software and my Make the Cut software can easily resize the files according to my needs at the moment, I am ready to start producing those projects as soon as I decide which one to do first.  Oh wait, I did use the file to make the project for this post so I guess I am on my way.

Last year I made many of the round charger plates with vinyl sayings/graphics.  Later I found some smaller, rectangular platters/plates that I liked and bought a couple of them for my stash.  Today I used one of them for my post project along with that ever versatile and so easy to use vinyl.  This is what I made.

Finished Tray_JudyKay-Optimized

Materials Used:

Metallic vinyl in brushed silver and gold

Rectangular tray from hobby store


Machine – KNK 15″ Maxx Air,  Blade – red cap standard material,  Force – 15,  Speed – 70 (because of detailed design)

As I mentioned above, this design could be used for many different materials and many different projects.  Some that I considered are:

Cut from vinyl and apply to a greeting card.

Cut from velum or cardstock and use as an overlay on a greeting card.  Back the overlay with mylar or foil.

Cut from heavy cardstock, chipboard, thin acrylic, or styrene and use for an ornament.

Cut from the Faux Glass Etch vinyl in various sizes and decorate windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

Enlarge to several different sizes, cut from heavy cardstock, chipboard, thin acrylic, or styrene; mount on stands and display as a “forest” on a shelf or mantle.

Cut from velum and adhere one to each side of a glass candle holder with a battery powered tea light inside.

Cut multiple trees in different sizes from wall vinyl and decorate a wall.

Cut the tree and star from any of the iron-on vinyl materials and decorate clothing, tote bags, and other fabric items.  The tree is symmetrical so if you forget to mirror the file before cutting, it is OK.

I am sure you can imagine many additional uses for the file.  Enjoy!

Christmas Tree Cutting Files_JudyKay



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