OK, it’s not paper

I know I promised you paper this time and I had good intentions…but I can’t find the file and I want to included it in the post. But I have something that turned out cute and it’s VINYL! Surprise!!!!

big brother I had a customer who sent me this photo and asked me to come up with a tile that would be ok for a baptismal gift. As soon as I saw the picture I knew what I wanted to make, but it wasn’t religious. I sent the customer an image and she loved it so I made it. I am not sure if you can read the little chalkboard sign but it says “Don’t mess with her”. Anytime I attach a photo to a tile I want to use the best adhesive I can find. KNKUSA has some great double sided tape that works great for projects like this. I have attached the file for this tile at the bottom of this post.

Materials used

Double sided tape





KNK 15″ Maxx

Force  46

Speed 300

big brother team knk


7 thoughts on “OK, it’s not paper

  1. What a clever idea, Nancy. It is perfect for that picture. Thanks for sharing the file.

  2. Absolutely Adorable, Nancy!!! You come up with some great ideas. I am sure this will be treasured forever. Thanks for the file.

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