Using a pen in my KNK Maxx – o-ring spacers used as adapters

This weekend I really wanted to use pens or markers in my project.  I have an idea for a future project using white pen on dark card stock, for example, but I need to work up to it.  I have two pen tools and two multi-use tools, which I love but I have some specific pens that I don’t really want to take apart or worry about the offset (My brain checks out on the weekends).   I’m not even sure I could get some of the pens back together properly – like my Copic Multi-liners or a white gel pen.  So I needed to figure out how to make it work.  In the end, I used the o-rings design that came with my KNK to create my adapters.  I knew the outside diameter of the blade holder from the o-ring file, and I just needed to adjust for the inner ring size depending on the pen I wanted it to adapt.

Click on the picture to download the MTC o-ring file

I cut my o-rings from chipboard and used wood glue to adhere them together into a column.  The larger o-ring on the left in the picture above I added later – it will hold the adapter on top of the tool holder on my Maxx.  It is shown in the first photo below.  The only problem with that is the tool cannot be adjusted lower (closer) to the mat than what the large o-ring allows.  I made some both ways so I have options.  You want the adapter to be tight to your pen so it cannot shift upward when pressure is applied.  The wood glue appears to help it ‘grip’ the pen as well.  I found that two inside diameters work for just about everything I have that I don’t want to disassemble.


I purchased this digital stamp set some time ago.  Here you will see it drawn in pencil and in multi-liner:


And here is my finished card, colored and air-brushed with Copic markers.


Now I am ready for my next project, and I can’t wait to show it to you in just a few weeks!

I’m adding on to my earlier post.  Sandy thought of using magnet material instead of Chipboard.  I volunteered to try it out:


This magnet material was about half the thickness of chipboard so I cut double the number of o-rings.  It had peel and stick on one side; unfortunately I think it is about 20 years old and did not stick, nor was the magnet very strong.  I used Judikins Diamond Glaze to adhere them together and to seal the edges.  It worked very well!  Thanks Sandy!

In addition, I decided to try out a few free thin (or light) fonts to see how they would work with my pen tool:

Of course, a lot depends on the pen tip diameter and pressure, but I think all of these fonts could be used.  I ‘printed’ KNK Maxx at 6″ and 4″ – I’m sure these fonts would be even better if printed smaller.

Click on photo to see larger

Click on photo to see larger

On the left I used my Quickie Glue Pen and some red embossing powder.  The last one, Raleway, worked the best overall.


One last tip:  I found one brand of pen was just slightly smaller, so I used a simple paper shim around the barrel before sliding the adapter on.  It held up great for the whole time I used it.

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22 thoughts on “Using a pen in my KNK Maxx – o-ring spacers used as adapters

    • Thank you, I can’t wait to try my white on dark project – have to run out and replace my white gel pen though…gotta remember to put that on my errand list…

    • Think of all the things you can do! I can’t ever write (with my hand) neat and straight without guide lines. Now my sentiments can be ‘written’ with perfect penmanship – with any pen I want to use and they’ll be straight!

  1. WOW! Great project and a great idea making your pen holder like this!! Thanks for sharing, Michele!

    • Thank you. Its inexpensive and quick, perhaps in chipboard its not too durable, but for my amount of use it will meet my needs. I hope others benefit from it as well.

  2. this is great and thanks for giving us the download too. i have tons of magnet on a roll!

  3. Wonderful pics that show how to use the o-rings and great cards. I love all the creative people who are on this Team. You always have neat ideas and practical ways to get things done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How fun! I always describe the digital cutter as a “plotter with a knife”. You certainly demonstrated that here!

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