Nutcracker Party

Each December, hundreds of thousands of small children dance in the Nutcracker.  Most likely each of you have some little friend or relative that does.  At our home we have one such tiny dancer.    After the performance, we have a party.  Last night our home was filled with party go-ers big and small.   I welcome you to join us in the revelry.

KnK Maxx had a starring role in it!


Nutcracker Invitation


This is a small invitation to fit in a 4×5 envelope.  I’d never done vinyl before, but many of you on the posts inspired me to try it for the tiny overlay font.  It was a real pain to weed!  After doing about 20 of them, I finally got smart, and just took a photo of the invite front and back and sent out a jpeg…

There were many tiny dancers and friends of in attendance at the cookie party.  So we had to have some activities to keep them engaged so the adults could enjoy the home made egg nog.  Since party dresses were worn, the KnK was used to make many paper crafts.  No glue or paint for these crafters to mess up their clothes with.

Reindeer Mask


KnK cut out the masks, and the kids traced their arms/hands and cut out the “antlers”.  KnK also provided die cut “Clara” , Nutcracker, and Rat King cutouts that they could color themselves.  If they were feeling really crafty, there were several other ornaments they could make, all courtesy of KnK carving through endless sheets of paper.

Dot Garland

Here is the dot garland (hanging up alongside the dress up costumes).  What could be more simple than cutting circles?  We all can make this!   We also made strip ball ornaments with strips of paper with holds punched into them thanks to the KnK.

Older kids could try their hand making these.


Accordian Folded Ornament


Thanks again to KnK for cutting and pre-scoring the paper for easy folds.

Holiday Tree


But really, when you get right down to it, isn’t the party all about the food?  Well, KnK helped with that, too.  First, we took that little Nutcracker image and cut it out of acetate, and made a stencil, then we popped it on a bunch of carry out boxes.

Nutcracker boxes waiting to be filled with cookies


If only Maxx had been able to help out with the baking!   We had 14 different types.   Oh well, we used it to make the labels for the cookies so we could know what we were eating and drinking.  We’ll show you just a sampling of the cookies.

Pepperming Meringue Label

See all that bling on the label?  People voted with bling.  This one was a big favorite.


Now here’s my favorite childhood cookie, Lebkuchen!  Let’s hear it for Lebkuchen.  Next year I am going to use the Maxx to do a print and cut for Santa and Hansle and Gretel cut out labels that get pasted onto the Lebkuchen with icing.  More on that next year…


Persian Divorce Cakes

Persian Divorce Cakes.  So named because they are just like Mexican Wedding Cakes but made with Pistachios.


Ohh, there were a big stack of these.  Not many left at the end of the night.


These got my vote for the most beautiful.  We had nutcracker and a Hansel and Gretel image.  Most people wouldn’t eat them because they were so big and pretty.  I have a tin left over.  Goodie!  They keep really long, and they taste wonderful and get better with age.  So glad so many people were so polite…


And of course the decorate your own Gingerbread person.  Some of these were very elaborate.



Now let’s not forget that KnK helped make a few decorations.  Here are a few holiday banners.  These are big.  They cover 6-8 feet.





Detail Christmas Banner

These really should be a post of their own with instructions.  Maybe next year.  Right now, I’m just going to box up my cookies and head to bed.  Whew, I’m tired.


Happy Holidays!!




13 thoughts on “Nutcracker Party

  1. You and Maxx deserve a nice, long rest! What a wonderful party with such creative ideas. I’ll be watching for next year’s post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was so busy looking at your cool house and the great marble top table! But your KNK masterpieces are just as impressive. You sure went all out, beautiful job!

  3. Wow! You have certainly been one very busy lady! Love all the great ideas and uses of multiple medias. Don’t you love working with vinyl?

  4. Hi Barbie-

    I have to say that I am not a big fan of vinyl, because I really dislike plastic! LOL. That said, it sure gets some great creative use by all of you, and you’ll get me using it with gusto before long! Happy Holidays!

  5. What a great collection of ideas you have shared with us. You must have wowed everyone…not only with decor, but good food too!

  6. The Nutcracker is one of my holiday favorites. I was lucky enough to see this production in Winnipeg when I was in high school. I’ll never forget the costumes and how real the whole thing seemed.
    You did a wonderful job of bringing The Nutcracker alive with your party decorations. What fun and I know the revelers loved it. Well done. I can hardly wait to see what you do for next year.

  7. Wow, Your KNK has been busy! Everything looks great! Look’s like some mighty tasty treats, too!

  8. You really did a lot of cutting and baking and planning!! What great fun everyone must have had. I’m wityou re the springerle cookies. YUM!!! Great job!

    • Don’t you love them? The molds are so pretty, and the cookies are little works of art. Now if we could only figure out how to get the KnK to carve wooden molds…

  9. Thank you so much for all of the great ideas looking for party ideas and this fits the bill.

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