Notebook or Book Cover


A Very Special Gift

This is a party favor (notebook cover) that I am making for the girls coming to my granddaughter’s first birthday.



There are two ways of making this cover:

1. Glue the cover directly onto the notebook

  • Open the notebook up and flip over so that you can measure the full size of the back cover. Draw a rectangle in the software with that information. Cut out the rectangle using your cutting machine. I used my adorable KNK Groove-e.
  • Glue the rectangle to your notebook.
  • From the software, cut a smaller rectangle and apply a decorative border to this one. This rectangle is glued to the lower side of the notebook cover.
  • Select and cut the character you want for the front. I used a free Hello Kitty File from MTC’s on-line gallery. This software has a lot of cutting files that look so TERRIFIC in any project.
  • Apply glitter (optional) to your cut out character, as I did to Hello Kitty’s clothes and bow.
  • If you want your character to look 3D, pre-heat your iron and put all the pieces on top of the iron until you see the Fun Foam begin to rise. It will take less than a minute.
  • Next, glue your character onto the cover.
  • Finally, personalize the cover adding the name cut from vinyl.

2. A removable cover to use with any notebook or book

Fun Foam, knk,





  • Just as in the first step above, measure your notebook, but this time add .50″ to the width and height.
  • Draw a rectangle in the software using the larger dimensions and cut it out. I used my adorable KNK Groove-e.
  • Do NOT glue the cover to your notebook. Instead, cut two rectangles to use on the inside of the covers for attaching the larger rectangle cover.
  • Proceed using the same steps as in the prior method.


24 thoughts on “Notebook or Book Cover

  1. Love that…”Adorable KNK Groove-e” LOL
    Cute project once again Omayra! Your granddaughter is going to be ONE already?!? How time flies!

  2. Great idea for a party favor. I would never have thought about heating the fun foam to make it puffy. I learned something new again today!

  3. This is cute! I fun gift for any party. I love the textures, glitter, and dimension you put in it. Nice work!

  4. Adorable! I didn’t know you could “heat” fun foam to make it rise! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!
    love hugs and prayers

  5. Love this and fun foam is more durable too. Girls will like having the Kitty too.
    Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this technique. It is so cool the MTC gallery has Hello Kitty.
    A little question though. Does the fun foam stick to the iron when you heat it like that? Or do you put a sheet of something between the iron and the foam?
    Thanks for a great project idea.

    • Hi Tamara, thank you for your comment. No, when you heat the fun it does not stick to your iron. Depending the project that I am going to make is how I heat the Fun Foam. Example, to make the Hello Kitty face and hands, I just holded my iron upside down and place the fun foam on top of the iron. You will see that the fun foam start to raise itself (this take like 5 seconds, sometimes a little bit more depending of the thickness of the fun foam. Now, if your project requires that a softer fun foam to do a more complicated shape, then put a cloth or a piece of fabric over the foam fun.

      I hope this answered your question.

  7. Soooo cute! With the ‘right’ objects I think my 16-yr-old will like this for her folders! It’s all about the personalizing, and ‘expressing yourself’ right now! LOL As crafters, we completely understand that!

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  9. Someday I’ll have to try some of the fun foam projects. You have mastered crafting all sorts of things from it. Good Job!

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