No Sew Fabric Applique

Photo of fabric applique heat transfer vinylWhen I saw the last Team KNK post, “Fused Fabric Applique” by Candace West, I was so surprised and pleased. I had already planned to experiment with a “no sew” fabric applique project, and she explained the fabric cutting portion of the project so well.

Candace completed her project using her sewing machine. But if you are not a sewer, or just don’t want to get out your sewing machine, it is possible to accomplish a similar effect using heat transfer vinyl.

I won’t repeat the excellent instructions that Candace posted, so for more on cutting out the fabric, look here.

  • Materials:
  1. Lightweight Fabric
  2. Heat Transfer Vinyl
  3. Yellow-Capped Blade
  4. Red-Capped Blade 
  5. Fusible Fabric Adhesive (I used Heat N Bond brand)


  • Zing settings – Fabric
  1. Force – 60 to 90 (I got best results around 90)
  2. Offset – .75
  3. Speed – 10
  • Zing settings – HTV
  1. Force – 15 to 20
  2. Offset – .25
  3. Speed – 10
  • Steps:
  1. Create design, cut, and fuse to garment
  2. Create outline of design (I found approx. 3mm is a good width for outline)
  3. Mirror outline in MTC and cut
  4. Weed vinyl outline
  5. Carefully place on top of design, vinyl side down, so that it covers all raw edges
  6. Use iron or heat press to apply (follow instructions provided by vinyl manufacturer)
  7. Peel off clear transfer sheet

My applique was applied to a Gerber brand baby Onesie. Because it was applied to a baby garment, it was quite small. I had to experiment to get an appropriate width to my HTV outline. The first outline I designed would have covered the raw edges very well, but I felt it was too wide and detracted from the small fabric letter. The second outline I designed was much thinner and I really liked the look, but when it was applied it didn’t completely cover the raw edges. So I created a third outline which was thinner than my first attempt, but a bit wider than the second. I applied this over the HTV that I had already applied. It still looked fine but was wide enough to cover the edges.

I do not have a heat press so used an iron to apply the outline. My iron does not get as hot as some, so I really had to press firmly and then went back using the tip of the iron to make sure that the vinyl stuck firmly to the design fabric and garment.

Now, to make a cute little ruffle skirt to match!

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    • I do my designing in Inkscape. I made an outline of the “P” and then changed the stroke to a path before copying into Make The Cut. If I had designed it in MTC, I would have made two shadows: one inset and one outset. I’d be interested in any other suggestions from those that use MTC for design work.

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