New Anniversary Invitation

Post May 18 This is a new invitation for our 25th Anniversary. The Invitation was made using my WONDERFUL KNK Groove-e machine.



  • V=600
  • F=160


  • Design what you want on your invitation.
  • Follow these steps that our Friend Michele did on a video to make our design ready to Emboss in MTC. (Michele Step by Step instructions on Videos and PDF)
  • When your design is ready to be Embossed, attach your Vellum Paper to a card-stock (I used staples).
  • Once your machine is finished Embossing you will see how beautiful it looks. It has really good details.
  • Details
  • Then, you will outline the Front of your design with white marker that is made specially for Vellum.
  • Invitation, Omayra, KNK, Vellum
  • Now, you will start painting your design on The Back. Never ever use water based paint on Vellum paper. I use Crayola oil paint so my Vellum never becomes wrinkled. I painted the back with silver oil crayon.
  • The following step, you can do it either after the machine has finished the Embossing or at the end when you have painted your invitation. This step is to Punch the border of your invitation to make a jagged edge. Remember to put a Craft foam underneath.The KNK cutter machine can do the punches but I did not have the Punch tool, so I have to do it with my hands, lol ;(
  • PonchThis is a close-up of the front of the invitation so you can see how pretty it looks after the whole process.

Front Half


POST 25 Anniversary Invitation


10 thoughts on “New Anniversary Invitation

  1. I love these vellum embossed designs you create! I will have to try again!i had moderate success when playing. Where do you get the white pen for embossing? Thank you again for sharing and happy anniversary!

  2. Beautiful card, Omayra! I do like the embossing technique you use. I enjoyed seeing what you did with some of your other projects, close up, at the Orlando retreat!

  3. Beautiful…I keep thinking that there has to be a way to shorten up the process using the KNK. With all the work that you have put into your 25th party it should be spectacular! Happy Anniversary!

    • There could be a way Nancy, but so far I have not found a way. Still the machine is great, making my job easier. While the machine is embossing, I have time to paint and embellish the invitation, lol. I hope the Anniversary will turn out to be a huge success and a great experience, thank you very much, Nancy for your support. Also, I hope you and Michele have a Great Time on the Retreat, with all the guests. Good Luck!!!

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