Mundane to the Maxx

Not every use for the KnK thrills and delights with visual inspiration.  Sometimes I use my KnK for things that have nothing to do with paper.  Actually, come to think of it, I have never used the Maxx for scrapbooking.

This past week I used the Maxx for something very mundane.  Tile templates.  I’m making tiles for a bathroom, and I wanted to be able to cut out the tile shapes and sizes according to the Fibonacci principal.  Using the Make-the-Cut software let me do this easily.  I created squares and circles with the size of their areas reflecting the differing Fibonacci sizes.

Fibonacci: take the previous number and add it to the current number to get the next number in the sequence

Fibonacci: take the previous number and add it to the current number to get the next number in the sequence

Now I can take those cutouts and place them on the floor and walls where I want to tile to see how they will fit, and arrange my pattern accordingly.  Once I have my pattern and tile count determined, I can then go back to the software, and enlarge each shape by the percentage of shrinkage of my clay.  I then cut  templates out of heavy mylar or acetate, and use them as the form that I put on my moist clay.  When they come out of the kiln, their size will be (if I calculated properly) the same as what I used to put up on the wall to work out my initial design.


Mundane?  Yes.   Useful?  Yes!


20 thoughts on “Mundane to the Maxx

  1. I love ideas like this! Any pics to show what you are doing exactly? I have never heard of this method. Or have lost the info in my database brain like every other detail I haven’t used in 24 hours hahaha!
    Love hugs and prayers

  2. Love the idea of incorporating the Fibonacci code in your tile work. Please share a pic of the finished project.

  3. Great idea! I use my Zing to make my stained glass patterns. I cut the pattern pieces out of vinyl and stick them on the glass. Them I’m ready to cut! The MTC software is great for tracing patterns I find on the web. The little Zings can be very helpful tools!

  4. It is amazing what our software can do. I used KNK Studio to design wedding invites recently, easier than learning a new program. Can’t wait to see the finished result. :~)

  5. Interesting Idea. I love the shapes function in the KNK Studio GE, KNK Studio, and MTC. I’m often anal about measurements and with the software to tell the cutter the exact measurements, I’m always happy. I could never make another 10″ pinwheel without my KNK software and Groov-E.

  6. Very interesting!!! Sounds like a huge job to make tiles for an entire wall or floor. I, too, would like to the end results. Also sounds like fun!! Good use of our wonderful software.

    • Well, since we have to tear down and replace an entire section of the house when we do the rebuild/remodel, it will be awhile. But might as well get started early! lol

  7. Very very clever. I really am looking forward to seeing any or all of your project as it evolves.

  8. i would love to see more details on this project as i have never heard of doing this before…

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