MTC and an Embroidery Machine??????

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Yeeesssss!!!,  For this project I wanted to challenge myself and digitize an MTC file to be an embroidery design file. I wanted to embroider the napkins that I am making for our 25th Anniversary with the same design that I made for everything else. So last Sunday, while our husbands were watching the Super Bowl, my mother, my two sisters-in-law and I were in the kitchen trying to make the MTC file ready to be embroidered onto those napkins that I mentioned. The really bad news is that none of us know anything about sewing, LOL, but we decided to take the challenge to see what happened and the results were AWESOME. We cannot believe how great the project turned out.

That means that if you have the MTC program, you can design any special and/or personalized file. And if you have a cutter machine you not only can make a card with the same design, you can also cut it from vinyl, or make a T-shirt, or emboss it, or engrave it, etc., etc., etc, and you ALSO can embroider that same design on any fabric…. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. The possibilities are endless….

My actual anniversary napkins are going to be white with silver embroidery. With those colors (white and silver) it would be difficult to see the details in the photos. For that reason I used pink thread in this project so that you could see all of the details.


  • MTC Software
  • Computer
  • Fabric
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Stabilizer
  • Any embroidery software (I used the SewArt 30 day trial and I think that I am going to end up buying the software)


  1. Create your design using KNK Studio or MTC.
  2. I used Photoshop to save it as a .png file. You also can save it as a .jpeg file and it will work just as well.
  3. Then, I used the 30 days trial of SewArt Software to make a .pes file that could be used by my embroidery machine. SewArt Software can save to many different file types.
  4. Once you are happy with your file, then transfer the file to your embroidery machine and see the results.

FREE FILES This is the same file from my last post, the only thing that I did was to add the 25th, our initials in the center of each heart, and the word “Anniversary” at the bottom of the Dove and Hearts.

I hope you can enjoy the file as much as I did. I spent 12 hours finding out how to make it, :'(. But I did it, LOL… Remember that I do not know how to sew but I am happy with the result, I hope you like it too.

12 thoughts on “MTC and an Embroidery Machine??????

  1. Great job! I am determined to learn MTC and print and cut this year, we will see. But it is great to learn something new. Your 25th sounds like it is going to be an elegant event.

    • Thank you for your comment Nancy. At the beginning I thought that KNK Studio was easier than MTC but once you start working with MTC software you realize that MTC is AWESOME.

  2. My 25th is also this year in July. Thank you for the files. Would you be willing to share the .pes file? I have already used my free 30 day trial with SewWhat LOL….

    • I can give you the .pes file but it has our initials on it, so I am not sure that it work for you. If you want send me your initials and I will try to do one for you with your initials before my 30 days trial ends. The only thing is that I cannot promise that it will work again but I would like to try it. Remember I do not know how to sew and I have no experience sewing. But I can give it a second try for you. I am considering to buy the SewArt program but not sure still.

    • Hi Brenda, I can give you the .pes file but it has our initials so I think that it will not work for you. If you want tell me what you initials are and I will try to make a .pes file for you before my 30 days trial end. The only thing is that I cannot guarantee that this work again, LOL. Remember that I have no experience doing this but I can give it a second try for you.

  3. Omayra… I am getting interested…LOL. I have been sorta thinking about a new sewing machine lately and just couldn’t really justify the expense. I have an Elna, with an open arm, that is about 45 years old. It has a loose thread holder on top, but it sews as much as I need it to (which isn’t very much). Occasionally, I fix a seam or sew on a button or do some very small projects like a couple of little pillowcases. So you get the idea…..but NOW, oh my… little wheels are turning a tad quicker. What kind of a machine would I have to invest in to use the computer capabilities to embroider. I’m thinking one could do names or logos, right? I would really appreciate some sewing machine information input.

    Thanks for all the lovely files you so graciously share, Millie

  4. Hi Millie and thank you very much for your comment. I am not the correct person to advice you regarding sewing’s machines. I really do not know how to sew, I just make very small projects like burp cloth or blankets for babies. But my husband surprised me with a Brother Embroidery machine and Michele was in my house and told me what file my machine will embroider so I wanted to play with that. After playing with the machine, I can tell you that it is not to complicated to use. I spent 12 hours doing this project because I had no idea what I was doing, LOL. But I love the results. But let me tell you, once you have the machine, I am pretty sure you will have tons of ideas and projects to make. MTC is a really great project to make designs, SewArt is great to make the embroidery files and you are a very talented person that can make any project shine. So you can do it!!!

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