Mother’s Day Project

I’m so fortunate to have a 15″ KNK Maxx at home and 13″ Groove-e at my workplace!  Working in the paper crafting industry having both machines has proven to be quite an asset.  When my new Groove-e arrived at Bazzill Basics Paper no one was more intrigued by it than our talented graphic designer, Douglas Allen.  The first thing we did was cut vinyl of his logo for his laptop!  Next Douglas asked me to assist him with recreating a graphic image he saw on Pinterest.  

Douglas quickly put together a file in Illustrator, made and then white-washed the wood background from an old pallet.  His first thought was to cut the letters from vinyl…but I am a die-hard paper girl so I suggested cardstock + mod podge (being that we have access to over 700 amazing colors right here the building)!

Here is the final project:

This project now hangs proudly in his mother’s scrapbook store, Scrapp’n Savvy located in Spring, Texas.

Supply List:

  • Wood
  • Modpodge
  • Whitewash

Bazzill Cardstock:

  • Katydid 5-529
  • Bazzill Brown 9-943
  • Intense Pink 19-111
  • Swimming Pool 7-757

If you would like the cutting file for this project, click on the following link:

Mother’s Day Project in KNK, MTC, and PDF formats

You can see more projects that I’ve made using my Klic-n-Kut on my website:  Susan Mast Designs




13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Project

  1. GREAT idea to reuse the pallet! I happen to have a ton of them here at our facility. What a great way to reuse them!

    Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  2. Loved this project. LOVED the colors you chose and also the pallets. I have access to those and never would have thought of using them for a project like this.
    Thanks for sharing the file too, Susan.

  3. What a sweet, wonderful saying! Would love it if my children said something like that to me, let alone made something like that for me!

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