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In my last post I said that I would tell you how I made this Minnie’s Box using the Card Stock from knkusa.com. Since the first time that I used the Worldwin CutMates cardstock, I fell in love. This cardstock cut really nice and smooth with clean edges in just one pass. Attached are the Free Files so you can use the Awesome CutMates cardstock from knkusa.com and give it a try.

Materials Used:


  • KNK Groove-e
  • Blue Blade
  • Force = 20
  • Speed = 150


    • I traced Minnie’s head from a keychain picture (The same used for the decoration)
    • Cut all the pieces using the respective colors to form her head and face (you can make her face just for the front of your box)
    • Glue it together
    • Form the box that is in the attached file and glue Minnie’s head to the front (and back, if using two Minnie heads) of your box.
    • To make the box that you see in the picture, take the Box Base that is included in the Free File and glue it to the Minnie head for both the front and the back. After that, take the “Base Stand” and glue together the two ends and then glue it in the middle. Next, make two triangles on each side and glue them together. After that, glue the Box on top of the stand so the box stays up. Finally, glue the handle and make a bow with the tissue paper to decorate Minnie’s head.

I hope you enjoy the files. Happy Cutting!!!

Free Files





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