Mickey Wasted

I’m not sure I get that term, but my friend always uses it when she goes to Disneyland once a week. She loves her some Disneyland. So when it came time for her birthday, the gift was easy peasy. Make a set of Disney cards. I found the svg mickey ears on the internet and cut out a whole sheet of them, enough to make 24 cards (try to punch 24 Mickey ears that fast with a punch… plus you are stuck with one size).

I used black and white papers and cut out the thanks with a die.

The only thing I did different on her set was cut the thanks out in white, which I think I like better. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it. Also on hers I used white paper with black dots, which I think I like better too.

I used the Zing to cut out the ears (10/10; 95)


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