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Definition – The production of large quantities of custom created die cuts by Susan Mast (often using a Klic N Kut machine and assembly line techniques).

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FlipFlopThis simple little flip flop tag makes a great gift tag.  Consider attaching it to a pair of flip flops!  This project was created using a 15″ KNK Maxx and KNK Software.

I create 99% of my own files because I get frustrated when searching for where I saved things on my computer. I am amazingly quick at just starting with points, converting to a poly-arc and curving lines.  I usually import a clip art shape into my screen to use for scale and then I tweak the shape to suit my needs.  Once the sizing was determined I used the contour object tool (.20) to create an outline for my flip flops.


I teach paper crafting classes and make scrapbook kits for my students to assemble.  A great feature that my KNK offers is the ability to connect pieces.  For example, this simple flip flop tag consists of the bottom pink piece, 2 green pieces and 2 more pink straps.  It’s much easier to pack a kit with 3 pieces than 5.  Now that I think about it, I could have connect the straps to the bottom piece.  Even easier to pack 2 pieces than 5!  My students simply have to snip the pieces apart!  To achieve this simply make a small rectangle between the two shapes to be connected and do a simple weld!


I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.


Please visit the KNK Gallery on my website to see more projects that I have created using my Klic N Kut.

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27 thoughts on “Mast Production…

  1. Great class prepping tips and loooove the flip flops! Can’t wait to get mine out 🙂

  2. Susan, those are so cute. I do the same thing when I need to make more than 1 or 2. Just keep cuttin and stackin. LOL

  3. Very Cute Tags, Susan. Thanks for sharing the tips and the files. There is just something very satisfying about seeing a whole stack of things cut with our wonderful KNK machines.

  4. Susan always creates such wonderful files … i know I will use this one for one of my many beach layouts in my Mom’s scrapbooks. Thanks!!

  5. Those are super, duper cute! Lots of great uses for those flip flops. Thank you for sharing your file!

  6. I’m going to have lots of fun playing with this file…thank you for sharing.

  7. Susan, Love the thongs and so miss taking your card classes. Wish I was as proficient as you are at creating designs. Your designs ROCK. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I’m glad I came back for another look. I missed the file the first time. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Those are cute flip-flops. There are so many things I love about my cutter (a Zing), and one of them is the ability to mass produce items. As long as my two younger kids want me to, I will be making treats for them to take to school, and this makes it so much easier..

  10. Every time you open KNK Studio, something adorable gets created! I love your Flip Flops and your clever idea about how to join shapes to make the kits easier to pack.

  11. adorable, thank you so much, I am delighted to be a blog follower for Teamknk…

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