Man card

I always struggle when it comes to masculine cards. I make many cards that could be for a guy or a girl, but few that say MAN CARD. I saw this card on Pintrest  and as you know, with a KNK, if you see it, you can make it.

When I am looking for an image to recreate I always Google ____ silhouette. In this case I Googled Gear Silhouette . I found an image I  liked, copied and pasted it into KNK Studio, scanned it, vectorized it, and i t was ready to cut. And it cut so nicely!  The file is at the end of this post.


Gemstone paper by Coredinations

Glue dots

Black and gray cardstock


hand punch


15″ kNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 100

Speed 500

I could have done a print and cut or done the lettering in vinyl but I took the easy was out. I saved the words as a jpeg, imported it into Word, and ran it through the printer. I then cut it to size and used one of my few paper punches and cut the corners. I used mini glue dots to  attach the gears to  the card. Here is the file gear card  You could easily turn this into a Father’s day card!


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  1. For me is hard to make cards for men, Thanks for the inspiration. Great Project!

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