Make your stamps POP!

Calling all cardmakers and scrapbookers! Okay, I’m not just singling them out – anyone can use this technique.

I love to use stamped images and words in my cards and on my pages and other creations – especially when I can color in the stamp so each one is totally unique and personal. Then by giving a stamp a shadow layer, or two or three, I can really make it POP!

20150602_182636 (524x800)

These images are from the Gifted Wings stamp set from Fun Stampers Journey.


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 61
  • v = 350
  • p = 1


  1. Stamp your image on a quality cardstock that will give a clean and crisp image.  20150602_151558 (800x450)
  2. Scan the stamped cardstock and save the image to your computer.  CroppedImage
  3. Pixel trace the saved stamp image and import it. PixelTraceButton PixelTracingImage (800x408) AdjustingPIxelTrace (800x408) At this point, I like to measure my actual stamped image and ensure it is the same width/height of the traced image.
  4. Add a shadow layer slightly larger than your stamped image. This layer will be the stamped (and colored) layer.  StampLayer (800x407)
  5. Add another shadow layer at your preferred size to accent your stamped image. Repeat as desired.  ShadowLayer1 (800x406) ShadowLayer2 (800x408)
  6. Color, assemble and share!

20150602_182636 (524x800) 20150602_182652 (610x800) 20150602_182722 (506x800)


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