Make Your Own Slider Buckles for Scrapbooks and Cards with KNK

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Slider Buckles Project from Lisa of Quilling Patch Crafts. Visit Lisa’s site for tons of free cutting files and ideas.
Lisa also owns Quilling Patch Store and is a KNK dealer.

Fun Chipboard and Glitter Project for KNK Cutting Machines

One of the great things about KNK machines, which differentiates them from most home use cutters, is the ability to cut chipboard.

I made these inexpensive and cheerful slider-style “buckles” popular to use on gift cards, tags, invitations and scrapbook pages. These look great and cost pennies to make! Make them in bulk and have on hand to use when needed.

When I first started cutting I found the idea of chipboard intimidating and just tossed the idea aside for other people more proficient than I to tackle. The reality is that the right chipboard is as easy to cut as card stock and you just need a teeny bit of patience to get the settings for your blade right.

This project, Making your own Slider Buckles, is an easy entry-level idea to initiate yourself into working with chipboard.

Here is what you’ll need:

Make the Cut, KNK Studio or software that supports SVG cutting files
1 Sheet Chipboard
Extra Fine Glitter
Spray Adhesive (I like Krylon All-Purpose Spray Adhesive)
Metallic craft paint or similar
Sanding material (I like to use an emery board)
Inks for edging

Download Downlowd Free SVG, MTC and KNK File: Buckle Slider cutting file to your hard drive.

You can also download all the files used in this project here, Guest Post on Today: Making Your own Slider Buckles

There are enough shapes to fill a 12″ x 12″ piece of chipboard.

Plain buckle shapes cut from chipboard before glitter and final finishing touches

Before cutting, make sure you test cut to get clean cuts.
Use the blue thick material blade with the Zing. These are APPROX settings for the KNK Zing :
I used my KNK Groove-E with a thick material blade and a pressure of 150. I cut chipboard on the slowest speed and cut twice.

I tried a couple of methods to get a nice clean finish when adding the glitter and this was the best method.

I first cut out the shapes and then, WITHOUT removing the shapes, I lightly painted the chipboard with a metallic paint.
I used silver metallic craft paint and sponged on for the silver glitter, red for the red glitter and bronze/copper for the copper glitter. It is fun to mix and match colours. The idea is cover up the cardboard look of chipboard that may come through after you’ve put on the glitter. It is these little touches that make your work look polished and professional and not “too” crafty and homemade.
Use a short stubby brush to stipple on. A stencil brush or sponge works very well. Avoid making the paint too thick.
Let air dry.

When dry, you can now spray on adhesive and apply glitter.

It is VERY important when using spray glue to shake shake shake the can to have the glue disperse evenly.
After spraying a light but even coat of glue over chipboard, you can shake on the glitter. I PILE it on. Let dry for 1/2 hour to an hour. Do not skimp on the glitter. If you put on glitter too lightly it will look uneven.

Pile on the GLITTER!

By not popping out the shapes, the glitter doesn’t look messy and gives a nice finish that you can ink. I used several colours of glitter- the silver glitter turns out really well. The white iridescent not so great and I would not recommend trying. I also loved the teal and purple glitter.

After waiting for the glue and glitter to set you get to the fun part- popping out the shapes and adding finishing touch.
Pop out your shapes and, using an emery board or sanding paper of some sort, clean up edges on glue spots. I honestly didn’t have to do much- the chipboard cuts really well. Because I applied glue and glitter to just the top surface, it wasn’t messy at all.


You can then ink your edges to finish off. I used several of the Metallic Dew Drop Inks and was very pleased with the results.

You now have a stash of buckle sliders! These are so pretty to use as an accent on ribbons and bows.
Hope you enjoy!


Visit Quilling Patch Crafts to download all the files needed to make the cards, titles and files used in today’s Slider Buckle Project.

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  1. This is one of the greatest ideas! I was just wondering myself how to cut the buckles with the sing and then it’s on the site! Great job! Look sensational!!

  2. great project but would love a link to the Buckles files please as I cannot find them on the Quilling Patch site.

  3. I too would love to cut some of your buckles. I love your files. Great idea. Could not find the link for the buckles, (but got some other cool files from you.)
    Thank you.

  4. I love this! Great tips on how to get the best look! I am going to be making a sheet of these for my stash! Thank you for the detailed information! and for sharing the files!!!!!

  5. Lovely touch of bling! I, too, really like the Thanks card. It’s very elegant. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a fantastic idea. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and knowledge. I have been looking all over town for some of these, and now I know how to make my own, And! I can make them any color I want.
    Thanks again,

  7. Super project. I don’t know if I would have thought of glittering the buckles before you punched them out. I am always so anxious to check and see if everything cut ok. That was a great tip as well as others you shared for a successful project. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for making this available. I just cut a bunch.
    If you decide to cut these, be sure to leave the size as is. They may look small, but they are the perfect size for cards.

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