Make a Fabric Tag

Presentation and “branding” are important aspects of any business whether big or small. Because of this, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to present my items in a more professional manner. For my pillows, I decided to make a fabric tag that can be sewn in. It’s quite simple to create using the print and cut feature on Make the Cut.

Make a Fabric Tag

  • Materials:
  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Iron
  3. Red Capped Blade
  4. Inkjet Printer
  5. Heat Transfer Inkject Paper
  6. 1.5 inch wide ribbon
  7. KNK Zing settings for cutting tag:
  8. Multicut – 1
  9. Speed – 10
  10. Force – 20 to 40
  • Steps:

Pixel Trace Tag

  1. Import image into Make the Cut as a Pixel Trace

  2. Set Threshold to 250 and make sure Texturize Path and Blackout Path are checked.
  3. Select Apply Changes > Import > Finish Tracing
  4. Now ****Mirror**** your image
  5. Now go to Edit > Shape Magic > Shadow Layer Shadow Layer for Tag
  6. Adjust Shadow Width. I used .0200 inches. The two boxes under Options should be checked.
  7. Print file onto your transfer paper. (First double check to make sure your image is mirrored…. voice of experience here!)
  8. Go to File > Print Options and make sure you have Print Registration Marks checked. I also like to Show Registration Marks on Mat, and Show Paper on Mat.
  9. Place your transfer paper on mat and complete your print and cut. (If you are not familiar with print and cut, make sure you look at the MTC user’s manual. I would suggest you do some practice first, as it takes a little time to understand the process.)
  10. Cut a piece of ribbon about 4 inches long. (This will probably be more than you need, but you can trim later.)
  11. Fold ribbon in half to get an idea how you want to sew it to your seam, and where the image placement should be.
  12. Carefully remove your cut image and place face down on a piece of ribbon. Make sure you allow room for you seam allowance.
  13. Follow instructions on your heat transfer paper and iron the transfer image onto your ribbon. Ribbon with Transfer
  14. If your ribbon seam is not going to be hidden, you may want to put right sides together and stitch the ribbon seam now, so that the ribbon is in a loop. (If it will be hidden in a seam of the item it is going on, it doesn’t matter.)

Now you have a cute little tag you can sew into your project!

Make a Fabric Tag


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