Magnetic Lawncare Signs

A good friend of mine owns a lawn care company, and wanted to advertise on his vehicle. Unfortunately, his HOA doesn’t allow vehicle advertising. So I suggested we make him some removable magnetic signs!

I  created the design in Make-The-Cut and cut the design out of Forest Green Decal vinyl on the KNK Zing. I used our 12″ x 24″ pre-cut magnetic sheets, and sliced it down the middle. Each side is only 6″ high x 22″ wide, so I was able to get 2 signs for the side and one big sign (12″ x 24″) for his tailgate.

As some folks might know, I come from a family of Sign makers. The Zing is the perfect cutter companion for making small signs like this, or for any sign guy who needs a system “on the go”.

14 thoughts on “Magnetic Lawncare Signs

  1. Love the design, thanks for sharing Chad! I’m working on a couple of signs for friends. One is a mason, the other a handyman… Great inspriation!

  2. Very nice Chad. I would have never thought of putting vinyl on a magnetic sign…odd how my brain works. (or doesn’t) :O) I know when my son in law wanted his real estate website on his truck he was unsure if her wanted it there 24/7, this would have been a great option. For now he has the info in vinyl on his back window and he has to drive responsibly. :O)

  3. This is great, Chad.! I’m going to tuck this idea away and hopefully will get to use it some day. I’m delighted to know about magnetic sheets being available for signage.

  4. The sign looks so profesional and very nice. Thank you for the Idea because I want to make one for my car. But I did not know that you had magnetic sheets too. I want to order some. Thank you so much for your idea.

  5. Nice job thanks for sharing. Since you’ve sone these I have a question. Have you very had magnetic signs that would not come off? Like left on so long that they no longer remove.

  6. Humm, with such a good job, I bet all your friends hit you up for signs.

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