Magic Reveal Card

Earlier this month my husband and I found out what the sex of our baby-to-be is.  We wanted a fun way for our daughter to reveal if she is going to have a little brother or little sister.  So I went searching for fun ways to do the reveal and use my Zing.  I remembered seeing a post on a Facebook group about a “magic” card (not the game).  I found a YouTube video where a lady made a “magic” card using stamps and die cuts.  I decided that instead of using stamps and die cut borders, which I don’t have very many of,  I could use print-and-cut, vinyl, and make a frame in Make The Cut using basic shapes.

Materials used


Cardstock (both brands):

  • Force:  70
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Offset:  .25
  • Blade Height:  25 post-its


  • Force:  15
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Offset:  .25
  • Blade Height:  25 post-its


  1. I created the file in MTC using all basic shapes except for the baby and teddy bear face, those were image traces.
  2. I then cut out all the pieces except for the acetate.  I used a paper cutter for the acetate.                                                         magic card pieces hi
  3. I also did a Print-and-Cut for the outside (layer 1) part of the card.
  4. Next I folded the outside (layer 1) piece and the one inside (layer 2) piece.
  5. I transferred the vinyl to the small white square (layer 3) piece of paper and colored the hair, shirt and the teddy bear(after I had it almost put together I had the ultrasound tech color the diaper).                                 acetate vinyl
  6. To get the vinyl on the acetate to line up correctly I added small piece of scrapbook tape, then I transferred the vinyl to the acetate.
  7. Place the circle (layer 4) piece where you placed the adhesive to hide it. colored panel
  8. Punch a hole in the circle to attach a piece of ribbon so you can pull it out.
  9. I placed the inside (layer 2) white piece, with the cut out at the top, in-between the acetate and white piece.
  10. I adhered the stop bar (layer 5) at the bottom of the white square (layer 3) to stop it when you pull out the card.  This is NOT toddler-proof.  My daughter managed to pull the whole thing out.                           internal pieces
  11. I placed scrapbook tape on the back of the inside (layer 2) white piece and the edges of the outside (layer 1) piece.                           taped guts folded shell
  12. After the diaper of the baby was colored I lined everything up and pulled the paper pieces of the tape and pressed everything down. guts inserted
  13. And voila! It’s a BOY!!                                                      together no color finished card

Here is the file:  magicrevealcard

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