Mad Hatter Mother’s Day

Mom will go mad with delight over this sweet chapeau to top off her Mother’s Day. This keepsake box is a fun way to give Mom those earings she’s been hinting for or that pendant that would be perfect with her new outfit. Mom will proudly brag to her gal pals over how thoughtful and clever HER child is. Have fun selecting Mom’s favorite colors and create away! Leave it to you (as always) to do the right thing with style. After all, you are her favorite! Happy Mother’s Day!
Cutting files coming soon to Sandy’s website on

13 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Mother’s Day

  1. Adorable…this would be neat for a little girl’s birthday party theme too..a “tea party” the gloves for invitations maybe? And everything for decorations..maybe even one complete set per child? Neat idea..wishing my groan (pun intended) daughter were little again, but even her daughter is almost 11…dang it.

  2. Love, love, love those boxes. Too cute for words. Thanks for putting up the files too.
    I can see all kinds of neat little surprises in them.

  3. O so cute, right down to the detail of the bows. I think the gloves would even make a great bridal shower invitation. Thank you so much for sharing. Love it !

  4. Very nice! I Never tire of seeing these awesome 3D objects being cut on the KNK 🙂

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