Luggage Tag

KNK, Omayra, luggage, tag

I was flying to PR so I wanted to make a special tag for my luggage. This was a last minute project, so I took advantage of my KNK Groove-e to make it.



  1. I used Photoshop to create a background on a piece of paper
  2. Then, I designed my name in MTC Software and cut it out of vinyl
  3. I Removed the backing of the vinyl and placed the vinyl on top of the paper that had the background that I designed using Photoshop
  4. Using another paper I wrote my name and address
  5. After that, I laminated both papers: the one that has the vinyl and the second one that has my personal information.
  6. Then, I on the corner of my project I made a little hole to tide both laminated papers together. Where my personal information is covered for the page that is on top of the second one.

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